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    What are some products used for eczema? I used to use breast milk but now kids are older no more milk, woll use aquaphor unless really bad and desperate will use prescribed cream

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    I give my 3 year old son an eczema bath 2-3 times a week depending on the season. I use Dr. Teals Ezcema Relief Epson Salt Oatmeal bath mix. I get it from the grocery store and it has helped amazingly. His doc put him on some Zyrtec also because he was having allergy problems with his sinuses. The Zyrtec actually helped him not break out as well.

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    I have used Babyganics Eczema cream in the past, besides using prescription stuff in the past.

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    We have used various Eczema creams. I wish I could find something less harsh as of prescriptions.

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    We used Eucerin Baby body wash and eczema baby body creme as part of our bath regimen. It seemed to help somewhat, but eventually she outgrew it I guess because we don’t have as many issues with it as of recently. I’m hoping for the same for your little one!

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    eczema and aveeno

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    Aleo Vera gel helps calm the skin, plus it is all natural

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    B J

    Aveeno does a good job for my daughter.

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    I use dove sensitive skin soap when I bathe my kids and I found Aveeno eczema lotion works best

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    interested in this topic. i’ve had the doctor prescribe creams

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    For my kids and baby I use Aveeno 1% hydrocortisone on really bad patches and also use exederm. I’ve always heard coconut oil works great but for us it wasn’t the case we had to go with medicated lotions.

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    Thanks for all the great info

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    Sorry for waking a sleeper thread, but my daughter has eczema and we have found that cereve cream and soap (eczema soap, its kinda like runny/oil based) have worked for my daughter to keep her skin soft. We also use low percentage hydrocortisone as needed, and a stronger one if the lower one doesn’t work right off. The higher percentage one (2.5) was given to us by the doctor. But usually the .5 or 1% does the trick as long as we avoid her food triggers 🙂 (Milk, berries and citrus *face palm*)

    We were also told dove bar soap, but it dried my daughters hair out like crazy. Also, she developed cradle cap (it’s more like dandruff says the doc… and common for eczema kids) and I tried head and shoulders and her hair was SO greasy even after extra rinses (doc recommended).

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    Aveeno or aquaphor healing ointment

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    Very helpful information.

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    We love the Mustela’s Stelatopia Emollient Cream. They have a line of other products including Stelatopia Cleansing Cream.

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    Thanks for the great information.

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    I just stumbled upon this thread and can’t say thank you enough. My 6 y/o daughter just suddenly started getting eczema on her backside and legs out of nowhere. They suggested a steroid cream and I didn’t feel comfortable using it with her being so little. I plan on starting at the top and working down. Thank you so much guys!

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    I use MADE OF organic moisturizing lotion. It works wonders on my son’s eczema. We love it so much that we have started using their other products, which are all certified organic/vegan/gluten-free.

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    We also use MADE OF moisturizing lotion. I love that it’s organic and has worked so well for my daughter. All of their other products are great too.

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    Good information

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