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      Alright, so I love these little flash games! Over the years I’ve kept track of the best ones I’ve stumbled across. Some of them a more kid-friendly than others, and I’m not sure exactly how old the kid is… use your own best judgement. So here it is, my list:

      1. Aether- Explore the galaxy with your pet squid! Each planet is unique with it’s own art style and puzzles for you to solve.

      2. Agario- Use your mouse and play as a cell! You grow by eating dots, or other cells. It’s an online game, so the other cells are real people. You can make friends by pressing w to feed people, or you can eat everyone. This game taught me about forming alliances, gaining power, and maintaining it. cw: inappropriate names of other cells, some names are really offensive!

      3. Air Pressure- This one is loaded with symbolism and very open to interpretation. It’s simple and text based, you chose what to say and do. cw: drugs(?)

      4. Alice is Dead- A point and click game with gorgeous art. The puzzles are challenging but fun, and I loved the Alice in Wonderland theme. There are two sequels so if you like this one there’s more. cw: death, dark atmosphere, scary.

      5. Colour my Heart- It starts off black and white, but as you click on things color begins to appear.

      Here is best ps4 games for kids

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      can you edit to give age ranges..

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      those are good

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      those are good

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      Khan Academy Kids is a great free app for preschoolers

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      Those are great!

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      Good games.

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      IXL is good one

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      Khan academy

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      Thank you… worthwhile forum.

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