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      Hi Moms,

      April is Stress Awareness Month and we know everyone feels stressed from time to time, especially busy moms. Stress can lead to a number of health problems so we wanted to get our community together to share some tips on stress relief.

      Do you take yoga classes?
      Are you a member of a local gym?
      Do you enjoy nightly baths?
      Are aromatherapy essential oils your go-to?
      Do you find it therapeutic to dive into a good book?

      We’d love to hear how you tackle stress in your daily life. Although we can’t control what stresses us, our hope is to share different ways to cope and calm the chaos. Personally, I find nightly walks and some good music help keep me calm as I manage raising a small, rambunctious toddler.

      How do you unwind? Share your thoughts on this topic below:

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      Being in nature helps me relieve stress. When I’m overwhelmed, I like to just go outside and walk. If it’s warm, I’ll sit and meditate. Venting to someone always helps, too. Getting it off your chest works wonders. Also, making to-do lists helps if you have a ton of tasks to get done. Create a list, in order of importance, and focus on just the task at hand.

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      Great suggestion, Maureen. I actually find the list-making very helpful, too. I use an app called “” to stay organized. I put everything in it from reminders to make doctors appointment to things I need to pick up at the grocery store. I like it better than just using paper (which I lose sometimes) or a calendar where I’m forced to put a deadline on things. I’m sure there a lot of task-making apps available, but this is how mine looks from my phone. I just swipe the things I did off:

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        I agree – a good walk can help de-stress….

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        Exercise, totally!

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      It’s so important to learn ways to manage your stress! I do Zumba and Yoga at home, and I get massages whenever I can make time. Watching a good movie or TV show also helps me unwind and relax after a stressful day.

      I agree with Maureen, making to-do lists is key! They keep me focused and give me a sense of accomplishment when I cross something off.

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      I like to get massages to relax. My family usually buys gift certificates for me for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc so I have a lot saved I can use whenever I am feeling overwhelmed with stress.

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      I love to go shopping alone (no kids) to relieve some stress. Also, talking to a friend over the phone and reading a fiction novel really help me to de-stress.

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      I live on the coast so I love going to the beach and watching the ocean its beyond therapeutic for me I can’t imagine living anywhere away from it. Sometimes listening to music while using the punching bag helps a lot too.

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      I love listening to music , journal and take pictures. I also take long walks to help manage my stress!

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      I have quite enough stress in my life that I’ve learned to just “let it go”. Before the stress that accumulated in my head and heart was harming my health and I felt it. I used to meditate many years ago and from time to time I still meditate. Sometimes it’s hard to devoid all thoughts from my mind in order to meditate but as I get going, the meditation becomes easier again.
      Other ways of relieving stress is reading a good book or re-read a favorite book. Gardening is also a favorite de-stresser, and taking a nap is nice too! 🙂

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      It is almost impossible to de-stress 🙁
      I do make lists (and lists for lists) to help me stay organized at the office, at home, with the kids, with my blog, and with all other things I need to do.
      Alone time and meditation help, as does walking to and from the office (easy in NYC).

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      I find it very hard to de-stress. I am reading all the tips here. Spending some time away from my kids helps some, but that rarely happens. Getting outside and I love my alone time when the kids are sleeping.

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      I enjoy walking to our park and swing my little heart out.

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        I totally understand but red wine will do for me.

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      for mei love getting back rubs from my husband but if im alone at home i just turnon my lavender oils andit calms me rright down

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      I love to color or paint when I’m out and about doing daily things you might see me break out a coloring book.

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      I love coloring or painting also. I have not been able to do much either but I love to sit and color in a coloring book. I actually just got a Mommy & Me one and my son was so excited!

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      engage within the activities that gives you relaxation like painting, singing..etc

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      great post

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      I like

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      Enjoy cooking

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      I love walking or working in my garden when I am stressed. My Mom use to tell me …’Remember, this will be a thing of the past one day!’ I also love walking my dog.

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      Lavender essential oil and Cedarwood are musts in my diffuser in the office. I also use Wild Orange as a pick me up when things get too blah in the afternoons. Kids and moms love them!!

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      Listening to podcasts helps me check things off my to-do list without thinking so much about all I need to get done. I can focus on a task, listen to a podcast to keep my mind from wandering back to my laundry list of “to-do’s” and keeps me out of my head so much! I feel like I get stuff done with more focus actually, plus I usually pick a podcast that I can learn something from so I feel good about that too!

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      B J

      Walking takes out so much stress for me. The more stress, the longer the walk.

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      I breathe, read & sleep; in that order…

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      My baby (third son) has turned one and im still having a hard time getting into the rhythm of things. But everything slows down when he go outside and all the boys can run around, and I can just soak in the sun for a little. Some fresh air relaxes all of us. I feel like my boys would want to stay outside forever 😀

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      You can try breathing exercises.This can control the level of anxiety up-to an extend.

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      I hear music to avoid stress.

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      I love doing yoga.

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      extremely helpful

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      Hi Annie. I’m glad you brought this up. It’s true that stress is really a huge problem for moms. I also had this problem too for years now but I found a solution on how to deal with it. Here’s what I do:

      1.) Take a break
      2.) Create solutions for your “hot” times
      3.) Learn deep breathing or meditation
      4.) Exercise
      5.) Take time to laugh
      6.) Find a support group

      This eases my stress levels thus preventing me from bursting out my anger towards my children and my husband which will do emotional damage to them.

      I hope these tips help. 🙂

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      When my hubby comes home from work…I love to soak in a warm bubble bath & listen to music…It’s my away time.

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      My stress is from feeling overwhelmed. If/when I can recognize that and get a little help, I can stay calm… Maybe ask for what I feel I need from hubby, grandparent, neighbor, friend… and be willing to return some favor so they can retain their sanity in their way.

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      I love the ideas.

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      1.Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine 2. Try Relaxation Techniques

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      Going for a walk

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      I also need to learn ways to handle stress. My life can never be stress free.

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      Baking and reading are good ways.

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      nice to see how community to help others keep away from stress.

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      nice to see how community to help others

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      Reading, yoga, and taking walks!

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      In order for me to relax, I wait until the kids go to bed and soak in the tub. I put some calming essentials oils in the tub and put some bubble bath in and put a face mask on and just relax for 30 mins. I also find relaxation in reading self help books to empower myself. I find it helping me to build myself back up!!

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      Going outdoors if nice out, playing music, essential oils, hot bubbles bath, realizing it is ok not to have everything done that you wanted done. Taking deep breaths

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      Walks and exercise are extremely helpful for me. Sometimes just sitting outside for a few minutes is all I need. Talking on the phone to a close friend or family member can lift spirits. Walk and get some ice cream. Go for a swim. Something that wakes me up usually helps me feel much better. If you aren’t into activity, treat yourself to a massage or mani/pedi.

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      I’ve always been able to handle stress well. Maybe because I’m such an optimistic, but I don’t do much. I like taking long showers for some me time to relax at the end of my days.

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      Journaling helps me tremendously! Even if I’m only writing down what is making me sad and what’s causing me stress, putting pen to paper helps me so much.

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      When I’m stressed out I like to take a deep breath in and let my mind sit for a second. I take a look around me and think I’ve got this. Somedays I like to walk outside, and let the kids outside and just enjoy nature.

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      Music, cooking or walk

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      Good info

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