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    I am young mother and to be honest I am not a book warm but I really want my kids to be. Waiting for your advice about books for kids and for me! I am 24, by the way.

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    Defending Jacob great book but I forget the author and so is Lisa Gardner Love you more book

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    Deception Point by Dan Brown. Always looking for fiction recommendations!

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    The End of Oz, by Danielle Paige. It’s a Young Adult Book, the fourth in the Dorothy Must Die series, but it’s great as far as story re-imaginings go. (This one being The Wizard of Oz, obviously.) My son is 4 and he actually loves it when I read it aloud.

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    Depending on age LLama LLama books are my fav!!

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    My kids that are 7,5, and 4 love the elephant and piggie books by Moe Willems. These are especially a favorite of my two younger kids. They are pretty funny and they teach some good lessons too. My older son who is reading short chapter books loves the Magic Bone books and Magic Tree House books.

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    The Belly Book, The Worst Helper Ever,Dr Seuss’s ABC’s, One fish two fish red fish blue fish, Are you my Mother, Put me in the Zoo, The Tooth Book, and Marvin K. Mooney will you please go now!

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    eat pray love

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    My girls are involved in two great free book organizations. Each girl gets a free book once a month. 1) Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library [http://www.imaginationlibrary.com/] and 2) PJ Library for Jewish children [https://pjlibrary.org/Home]

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    Currently: The Three Musketeers (Dumas)
    That Hideous Strength (C.S. Lewis)
    skimming through the Brothers Karamozov

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    The more your children see you taking time out to read, the better odds you have of them being bookworms! 🙂

    Get a library card from your local library and start there. Most libraries have pretty great play areas/children’s sections and that is a great way to get them excited about the library and passionate about books. Most kiddos will happily pick out their own books to take home(even when they are not yet at reading age!)

    Take some time to browse for yourself and grab whatever looks interesting to you. The young adult section can be a good place to start as someone else recommended. If you can give me more info into what you like I could recommend some authors. 😉 Movies you enjoy can be a good clue.

    We do PJ Library, too as MusMomof2 mentioned!

    Currently I am on a streak of reading Neil Gaiman’s books. SO magical!

    For a more…drama but glamour beach read, Jackie Collins is my favorite. For thrillers I love Harlan Coben and Jonathan Kellerman.

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    Friends here is my website to super popular Usborne Books & More books that kids love! They are interactive and super educational and I know any child would love books like this! Usborne Books has been named top publisher and they have EXCELLENT quality, fun, educational books for children of all ages, birth to high school! you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, nor do your friends! Orders can be placed through my website directly. Please visit my website for more details
    We have tons to look for even for teens. If you love Harry Potter, Mind Craft. you will love our series. We have for gifted, autistic, Summer programs and more.


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    Stephen Ging – The Mist

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    My youngest son kept telling me to read mysteries by John Grisham, they are wonderful and really hold your attention

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    Currently I’m reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King. Really great story with an intriguing plot! I can’t wait to finish this book and to watch the TV-show.

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    I read Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fight Club” – never read it before. I must say that it’s a great book and it’s much more interesting than the movie. Strongly reccomend it.

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    I like to read and love disney books. I really speak the parts and I enjoy it as much as they do

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    I belong to a neighborhood women’s book club I’m currently reading 2 books- My grandmother wanted me to tell you she’s sorry(August pick) & The man in the high castle(Sept pick)

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    Presently a disney book set which my children love

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    A good readers should be a mentor or a writer. He can make good decisions in life because reading influences a person a lot and it changes his way of thinking.

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    currently reading the Room. Its a great book.

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    Nice Post.

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    Currently I am reading Lolita, it is interesting.

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    It is going to be hard to want your kid to be a book worm but you are not. I am a true believe that children follow what they see and learn. It just so happens that i love reading and learning and my children do also although they are grown now so I am working with my grand daughter and my nephew if they see you doing it and get excited by it they will want to follow along. I suggest trying to read to your kid and help him or her to read along that way they can learn and it can be fun for them. Make it an adventure.

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    I am currently reading Once Upon a Dream: A Twisted Tale. I should say that I am attempting to read the book because it is hard to do much with my 14 month old, but I am going to try. The book is taking the Sleeping Beauty Story, but changing it some. I have always loved fairy tales so I thought this would be interesting even through it was in the Young Adult or Teen section.
    For you little ones I think it depends the age. My 9 year-old is not big into reading, but has to for school. He struggles a little bit with the comprehension part, however it helps when it is something he likes to read. He really enjoys nature and informative books, and loves reading all the different Minecraft books. His teachers this year are really good about the kids reading and encourage comic books or magazines. If a child is interested in the topic or style it helps them.
    With my 14 month-old, he loves pop-up books and other interactive books. Actually he just started to mimic the books that have talking parts.
    Thanks for posting the questions. It is nice to get ideas from other moms on books.

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