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    Being a SAHM I always feel guilty taking time for myself. I feel like being home is my job and I need to be on 24-7….what do you do for yourself?

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    I workout before everyone wakes up every single day. It is the best me-time.

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    I have one day a week where my son goes to bed very early (we skip his nap that day) and I use that time to either do my nails, catch up on my favorite show or get a workout in. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’m sure a parent, spouse, sibling, friend, or babysitter would be willing to give you some time to get out by yourself. If you’re unsure, why not start with small increments (like a one hour yoga class) and work your way up to dinner and a movie, or even a weekend getaway. Maybe make it a traditional that when you go out, you bring the kids home a little trinket. That way they may even look forward to you getting out of the house sometimes!

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    i just drink some coffee and cut some coupons

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    i go for long walk’s and explore nature. i also listen to music and journal for my me time. I also love to take pictures for my me time.

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    I work out, I usually do an hour on the elliptical and 3 x a week I will do light weights, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and I am able to handle the day so much better.

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    I spend the time when my children are sleeping to do whatever I want. I usually just watch some TV or read a book.

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