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      Being a SAHM I always feel guilty taking time for myself. I feel like being home is my job and I need to be on 24-7….what do you do for yourself?

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      I workout before everyone wakes up every single day. It is the best me-time.

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        My goal is to start waking up before my kids do. I think that would help me start my day out on a better foot. Have time to shower and have a cup of coffee without feeling like I’m neglecting my kids at all, and not feeling guilty. It would be great to start the day out without jumping right into “Mom” duties. Making this a reality would mean getting to bed earlier though which is a challenge!

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        I’ve found waking up at least 1hr before my children do totally changes my entire day for the better.

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        Same here. I do my workouts early in the morning or sometimes late at night. I’ve tried doing it during the day and it was madness.Have to find loopholes to do anything now. Lol

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        I wake up early to drink a cup of coffee alone!

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        Oh Mama, read a magazine. Take a candle lit bubble bath, a late night walk.. just time to breathe

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        I do this same thing. Gotta have a few minutes with my cup of coffee.

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        I also workout in the morning before the rest of the family gets up. Makes me feel better and it wakes me up. Great way to start the day. I usually am finished working out about a half hour before everyone is up so I also enjoy a hot cup of coffee in peace!

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        that is the best time to work out before everyone gets up. ME time is very important to us moms

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        Me too

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        This is my me-time daily. I enjoy working out and it gives me energy to start my day. I workout when I drop off my two older kiddos at school and the baby is still home with my husband, asleep. This gives me a couple hours to work out and work on myself.

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        What time do you workout

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        Shut off your phone…..

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        Mom’s Meet…….

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      I have one day a week where my son goes to bed very early (we skip his nap that day) and I use that time to either do my nails, catch up on my favorite show or get a workout in. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’m sure a parent, spouse, sibling, friend, or babysitter would be willing to give you some time to get out by yourself. If you’re unsure, why not start with small increments (like a one hour yoga class) and work your way up to dinner and a movie, or even a weekend getaway. Maybe make it a traditional that when you go out, you bring the kids home a little trinket. That way they may even look forward to you getting out of the house sometimes!

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      i just drink some coffee and cut some coupons

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      i go for long walk’s and explore nature. i also listen to music and journal for my me time. I also love to take pictures for my me time.

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      I work out, I usually do an hour on the elliptical and 3 x a week I will do light weights, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and I am able to handle the day so much better.

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        I try to walk everyday as it helps cope with life.

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      I spend the time when my children are sleeping to do whatever I want. I usually just watch some TV or read a book.

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      I have 3 kids so I don’t have much “me” time but once in a blue moon I like to go get pampered at the spa and have a pedicure and get my nails done,

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      I just recently started back working 4 days a week however my hours are short. (3 days are 4 hour shifts and 1 day is 8 hour shift) I consider that some of “me time” however, I take nice warm baths here and there to help relax and have a little break. I don’t spend no more than 30 mins taking a bath and using a bath bomb or whatever I would like. I don’t really spend money on myself so a bath is nice.

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      Usually, I read books or go into sport like running.

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      I enjoy just watching TV or to go for a walk somewhere. It’s the best rest for me.

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      My guilty pleasure is online slot machines, lol, I can’t help it, I just love them!!!! At least mine are free!! 😃

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      I usually try to get me time and when I do I turn on the radio and lay on the bed and try to relax before it starts all over again

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      I sleep, Take a long bubble bath, work on my blog, work out go for walks when hubby is home to watch the kids

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      Take a pamper evening and try to relieve some of the stress from the day. This doesn’t happen very often but when it does it provides a therapeutic experience.

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      I take my son to my moms where I can focus on my online classes. Its not relaxing me time, but it always makes me miss him.

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      I try to meditate every chance I get and my oldest son is trying to get me to try YOGA because I have progressive RA and a bad,COPD,Im on Oxygen at night and as neede and I have to have surgery this Monday,he worries about me,he said that YOGA and Meditation is helping him and hie fiance so im going to give it a try,I cant get in the floor or nothing but he said their is chair YOGA and others YOGA I can try,does anyone out their havr any suggestions for me because I dont know what to do.Thanks Kim Houston

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        If I get the chance, with 4 kids, age 17,10,5, and 2, and just recently becoming a stay at home mom, with a husband that works 6 12-14 hour days, and mutliple chronic illnesses, so multiple doctors appointments, plus multiple extracurriculars my kids are involved in, I work on my side business. I make crafts, lamps, decor items, etc from empty liquor and wine bottles from my previous workplace. Also, I coupon. So really I’m technically working ALL the time, but with this many kids, our amount of bills, and my medical costs, I enjoy finding any and every way to save and make money for our family, so we don’t have to scrimp, scrape, and barely get by every week😊

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      I know it sounds like it not for me since when I blog I get things for the family and test out products enter sweeps and such but that truly is what I do for my down time. I meet great people who have the same freebie hunting hobby. I also take photos and go on photography walks with a photogroup i am part of and I mentor other parents because giving back is my way of saying I’m not alone and I found calling in helping others. I also like to write and get crafty

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      I do romwod and it helps.

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      I like to sit back and watch a good movie with no interuptions.

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      I love gardening, crafting, making salves. Sometimes I get to sneak away and go to a yoga class. This what I do in my me time.

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      Walking, reading, crossword puzzles

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      I read a book and have a bath usually. Or I go to the gym.

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      jugging or walking

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      moisturize and tv, and the occasional face mask 🙂

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      I am a stay at home mom and I try to work out 5 days a week. I do it while the kids are playing so they see that this is mommy’s time. They love watching me and they enjoy being with me and I get a good work out at the same time.

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      Ugh, this is something I try to do but fail terribly. I try to make things and I love to customize items. But to be honest, by the time I do everything that needs to be done, I am just ready for bed.

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      drink some coffee and complete some quests

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      sit and look at facebook posts

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      I’m in college, so I work on school work. Lol

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      Try to use the bathroom by myself for 10 mins without interruptions. Seems simple enough right? LOL. But I try to walk when I’m at work and enjoy the weather. I also take the long way home sometimes 🙂

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      Occasionally I go out to eat alone, and it is glorious. Usually, I go in my bedroom and read for a little while or write on my blog. Nothing extravagant, but enough to unwind.

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      now my mom helps me with my daughter so I have a little more time, before it was just the university and the baby now I go to the gym half an hour and then I try to take time to read that helps me a lot to relax my mind and stress or any problem

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      Through the support of a dear friend, she helped me recognize that going to the gym is important if I want to be in better health. This has become my “me-time”!

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      Cross word books

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      I enjoy a little free time in the garage working on my hobbies of race cars

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      so interesting

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      I don’t know what me time is presay but I try to get stuff done when the kid’s r napping or try to nap with them. Try to put a movie on for the kids and get on here for a bit before cleaning cooking or daily chores

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      I relax with a vibrating pillow on my neck and a good book on most days. Other times, I binge watch shows and have myself a borage of snacks wishing I was on vacation somewhere else–LOL…

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      I am trying to work out 5 days a week. The kids are playing and I am just putting on a DVD and lay down a mat and do my fitness exercises. The kids love to watch me and it is my me time!

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      Drink coffee and do some yoga.

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      I always make time for a good workout. Kickboxing is my favorite and we have a great group of friends.

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      Read cook books.

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      Just started getting back into crafting, working on making string art pictures. Also I am a couponer, love saving money for my family which allows me to be a SAHM, and binge watching tv shows on Hulu or Netflix.

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      I like drink tea to help me relaxing.

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      I have been doing a 15 minute yoga every morning. It makes me fee good and is a good jump start to my day!

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      we would love to watch together and I would sing songs to her. She would give me less trantums when I do that. also teaching her words and let her focus gives her a smile

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      Relax and watching TV.

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      I like go to hiking to help me release my stress.

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      I like to run (which in my case is like a walk with a bounce), walk or hike. But technically none of those things are things I get to do alone. I’m either baby wearing or running with the jogging stroller. But as far as something thats “for me” those are my go-tos!

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      I either workout or take a nice bubble bath after everyone is sleeping.

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      I try to wake up and get a workout in before the rest of the house is up and running because I know that after everyone’s up I am on full time! That hour alone in the early morning helps relieve stress and gets me energized for the rest of the day.

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      Mani pedi!

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      I try to take a long soak in the tub at least 3x per week. one hour just for myself. Doesn’t always work as not only to the kids and grandson knock on the door bu my two Maine coon kitties think bath-time is share time

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      I totally know what you mean. I do too. but I also know that to be the best mom you can be for your kiddos you need to be the best you for YOU. I find some tea and a good read is also nice. I love to Pinterest also it gives me ideas for things to do with the kiddos and cleaning and dinner ideas. so I’m not completely “wasting” my time. as a SAHM our jobs are so different from others we are with our children 24-7. it can make you a little crazy. so its important to find time to cool down and remember that you are not JUST a SAHM. You are everything.

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      My ‘me time’ is going for a long walk or gardening!

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      I love to read magazine.

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      great product

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      Love Taking Time For Me To Just Run & Hike A Hour A Day , Its Help Me Relieve Stress , Clear My Mind , Breathe In Some Healthy Fresh Air L:)

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      I take time out for myself as much as possible. I read a book, exercise, and drink me a cup of coffee on the patio. Sometimes driving to the store by yourself, or taking a long drive.

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      I, sometimes, just hide in the bathroom for “me time”. Just lock the door, sit in the floor and breathe. It works for that time being, and I haven’t lost my mind (completely) yet so… 😁

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        I love that you said “hide in the bathroom”. I totally have done that also. I sometimes will sit in the bathroom for a few minutes to have “me time” also. Sometimes you just need a little break from the kids

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      mani pedi for sure! at the salon or at home

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      I will visit the salon or work on my businesses. I also try to do yoga and some fitness.

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      i will try to do yoga and some fitness.

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      My ‘me’ time is after the kids go to bed. I grab a glass of wine and watch my DVR shows from the night before. 3 days a week I take a bubble bath (if the week is that bad I take one every night).

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      sleep. i know pathetic right? but honestly im so exhausted by the time my husband gets home sometimes he lets me shower and go to bed early

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      I go and watch some Netflix movies

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      Me time is very important. Even bathroom time alone is hard to do. My two year old and 11 year old seems to want to follow me into the bathroom. I embrace that I call them my bathroom buddies. When I go to the bathroom I say “bathroom buddies unite” I figure if they will do it i may as well have fun with it. But if your child takes a nap or if your lucky enough to have a sitter, or even an older sibling to just chill out and play with the younger ones you should take a bath, go read a book, or whatever you enjoy. Even if it’s for 15 minutes. Maybe your partner or spouse can watch the kiddos while mom has me time. Or try to talk with everyone and say hey for (any given amount of time) we each are going to do our own thing. Play, read, tv, clean, exercise, just whatever floats your boat. Good luck on your journey!

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      What I do for me time is watch a movie or t.v. show.

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      I have to have at least some me time. I’m no good really if I am over tired or irritated. Me time definitely helps that.

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      Try to relax when everyone else sleeping,

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      waking up one hour before anybody wakes up meditate and do yoga, make my coffee then start the cruces, and when every body go night night i stay up for one hour of me time and meditate
      never underestimate the power of meditation

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      Travel alone

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      We have a moms day once or twice a month and go out and have fun, grabbing lunch and drinks. It’s a great time to share what is going on in our lives! And share new things we have tried and done.

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      Great idea

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      exercise, read. there are also online classes or apps you can use/take to learn things

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      My real me time is rare, but when it happens it’s a nap in the middle of the day. I usually don’t get enough sleep most days. Before drifting to sleep I use my lavender eye pillow, few deep breaths to fully relax. That is a one hour rejuvenating nap.

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      I walk about 5 miles at a time 3 days a week…Love it!

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      I like to go to events that are catered to women, etc. I have a hubby and two boys so my time is spent doing things the whole family can enjoy. So I love to go to beauty, fitness and empowerment events by myself.

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      Nothing really, but I would like to start! Maybe I could start going to bed earlier and waking up before my toddler does. I would love to go for a walk in the morning.

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      I try to get an afternoon at least every other week where I drop the kiddos off or get a baby sitter so I can get things done or just have a moment to take a breather

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      My group and I would love to try these

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      I read every night after I put the kids to bed. Also 1 night a week my boyfriend takes the kids out to do something w/out me (ie dinner, playground, movie) and I use this time to go get a pedicure (every 2 wks). The inbetween weeks I use the time to soak in the tub. Also it may not seem like me time but sometimes I use my time to do laundry or get other things done around the house w/out the kids being there under my feet.

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      I really do eat healthy

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      i love to just watch tv and catch up on things i missed

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      I watch my favorite shows and go out with girl friends like once a month 😀

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      I browse the internet to get my shopping done while my kids are doing their online homeschool and the laundry is going but the online shopping is my me time

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      i enjoy catching up on my favorite tv shows that i have on my dvr

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      I love to crochet. Mostly once the kids are asleep but it is a creative outlet for me and might even earn me some money back one day!

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      this one is awesome.

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      i love to take care of my skin and binge watch my tv programs

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      I meditate. I also do crystal Healing and Yoga. I take a bubble bath. SELF CARE is my “me time”.

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      I stretch, do yoga, read a book, and browse online!

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      i just love to have quiet time

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      I have a lake located close to my home I go to the lake and let my love run around and I take in the scenery even though I’m not alone that’s my me time

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      grab lunch or get a pedicure

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      For me my “Me Time” means just relax do meditation, go to gym for an hour, listen to my favorite Bollywood songs. I love my family and its possible only when I am fit, positive and happy.

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      i relax and binge watch my tc shows to catch up on them

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      B B

      I enjoy taking long walks in the morning and turn come back to a fresh cup of coffee and a rejuvenating shower.

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      Getting up and getting it in early is the only way. Then you never have to feel guilty because everyone needs to get in some alone time. Then, in the long run, you’re happier and if mama’s happy everybody’s happy.

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      Take a nice long bath, read a magazine or a long walk

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      I take some time out to enjoy my morning coffee, workout, and I also enjoy gardening.

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      Ha I wish my partner wont even let me shower with out Takeing the baby

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      Do my nails, facemasks, bubble baths

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      I sneak in a nap whenever I can. I work the overnight shift and have 3 young children at home, so I am ALWAYS tired. I rejuvenate myself with naps and quiet time.

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      I wake up at 5:00 every morning and jog for minimum of a mile.It helps me get energized for the day

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      Working out and cooking. I love to cook!

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      Many things. I like to read, work out, go for walks, be out in nature. Be with my animals (that still count for “me” time, right? 😉 )

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      As a stay at home mom things can be tough so for me time i like to sit on the couch with a glass of wine and catch up on my shows of course doing this when its nice and quite and the kids are sleeping.

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      I spend a little time reading or watching a favorite show either first thing in the am or in the evening after kids go to bed because I always feel guilty taking me time since it’s my job to take care of the kids and the house. People always tell me I shouldn’t feel that way but it’s hard not too.

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      i spend my me time reading and also catching up on my tv programs i record i love the hallmark mysteries and movie channel it is so wholesome and i love lifetime i am always recoding movies from there plus we have amazon prime and alspo hulu whcih are great also for all kind of things and tehn i am always making sure i take care of my skin witha skin care rountine which is so important at any age

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      am walking in the morning

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      Currently on maternity leave with the new baby. “me time” is really sleep time.

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      For me time, I;m usually curled up somewhere quiet with a book. Or just daydreaming about being on vacation! 😀

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      I enjoy sitting in a quite corner of the couch and reading a good book.

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      Same here, I’m a SAHM as well. I shower, relax and watch Netflix.

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      I always think I’d love to take a bath before bed….but then I always opt for the extra sleep and just go to bed! :-/

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      I have anxiety and really don’t like to get away from my kids, but when I need a break, usually taking a nice, hot bath helps me feel recharged.

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      In my me time when my kids are in school, I read my favorite book with a cup of hot tea. Or I might watch an episode on Netflix. I ease my stress a lot. 🙂

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      I wake up extra early so that I can drink my coffee, watch a little bit of the news, and complete my daily workout before everyone wakes up. Then about once a month or every other month I have a ‘girls’ day/night out with my friends.

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      Hot bath with LUSH..LARGE glass of wine and some relaxing music with the door closed! Nothing Better in this world!

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      set down and watch tv or look on the web for things to buy

    • #71575

      Love working out and getting it in early is the ONLY way. I’m up usually before everyone anyway so the workout comes first and then the rest of the day seems to run a lot smoother. If I ever miss a day then it all goes to poop! Nothing goes right then. That’s my me time

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      i like to go to starbucks, have a coffee, read a book, or just surf through my phone.

    • #73761

      I am in the similar situation, and I love going for walks outside. We live near a pond, so the ducks, geese, fish, and herons make me feel better.

    • #73810

      i love to take my dogs for a walk and i live in a rural area and we get to see all kinds of animals and i enjooy reading audobiographys and we did have ducks and chickens at one time and just loved the fresah eggs

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      Great idea.

    • #75105

      i love to read and watch tv

    • #75788

      grt ideas

    • #76145

      I love to do yoga to relax myself.

    • #77186

      i love being online

    • #78286

      I usually read or watch tv. Get out with my friends once in a great while.

    • #78470

      These are such good ideas. Just small things can make a world of difference.

    • #78538

      I am sorry to say that I do not have any me time, and if I do I just lay on my bed and keep thinking of what I should be doing instead of relaxing

    • #78719

      i love to pamper myself

    • #78740

      Nothing lol

    • #79032

      i love to pamper my skin

    • #80001

      I really used to resent the entire SAHM stereotype. The “what do you do all day” questions….now that I am volunteering 25 hours a week and still doing everything at home, I see I contribute much more to the household and demand the appreciation and respect for it!!! Me time is a girls night out and a wine class twice a month!

    • #81768

      i enjoy sepnding time taking care of my skin and watching tv and just enjoying alone time

    • #81980


      Play with my pets & take care of them, read books, workout, watch movies, watch YouTube, learn new things/research.

    • #82214

      Take a hot bubble bath, with a glass of wine and some of your favorite music….dim the lights and light some candles!!!

    • #82459

      If I get me time at home, I take a long bath with lots of bubbles or practice baking. I want to be good at baking from scratch. If I get out of the house, I just grab a coffee and sit outside somewhere or go to the mall and just window shop.

    • #83200

      I go grocery shopping alone lol

    • #86147

      I do baths once to twice a week to have some me relaxation time. I make it fun and get new bubble bath and bath bombs to mix it up

    • #86479

      I go for lots of walks

    • #86484

      I am a stay at home mom, I currently am in college also though. So my me time is the three days that I have class and when I’m there. I love to learn and have a set goal on what i want to do for the future, so I love doing this my me time, even though I only get it for 3 hours 3 days a week. I also sometimes take strolls outside when I get the time to.

    • #87112

      crafting for me!

    • #88175

      I go shopping by myself and really take my time to look at everything that I want to. I am usually rushed by kids wanting this and that or needing to just get in and out quickly. I find it relaxing to take my time.

    • #89476

      Bubble bath and relaxing.

    • #89800

      I walk to do my grocery shopping amd that is the only me time I can afford and still get shamed for it from MIL 🙁

    • #89810


      I do wake up earlier than the rest of my family for starters. Usually I go shopping, maybe the library sometimes I go to the lake and just a locale walk. My me time is mainly to clear my mind and get refocused. Sometimes I feel its important to put yourself first cause if your burned out the stress level can me intolerable. You cant be of any help to anyone else if your not taking care of you.

    • #89873

      I get up before my kids so that I have some quiet time. I use this time to read my Bible and study. Once the kids are up, if I need to relax for a few minutes I work on my crochet or read a book for fun.

    • #91018

      I like to do crafts and I have my own photography page on Instagram…
      It’s nice to know I’m good at things other than just being a mom and wife 😀

    • #91220

      I recently have taken better steps to overall wellness but have spent years making excuses. So – 2 times a week, I have a personal trainer come to my home and work with me for 1 hour. It has been an amazing decision and worth the money. That workout 2 x a week has transformed my eating habits, given me more energy/strength, and the boost I needed to move on the path to wellness.

    • #93437

      Since I’m a mom of 3. Me time is a luxury. But I do go to the gym 5 days a week. This is my Zen place. The only place where I’m actually alone. Most women might say, the nail salon or beauty parlor. Not for me, My 10 year daughter like to come with me and get pampered too.

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      I am stay at home mom of 3. My husband works in healthcare so he works crazy hours/days. My me time is definitely my workouts. I swim Masters and do Pilates on the machines (reformers). I do also love shopping. Usually there’s not much time for shopping except online. So when I get a chance to hit the mall and just browse through the stores, just myself, that’s just relaxing.

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      I get manicures and pedicure every once in a while, try to get a massage once a month, and take a bubble bath with my favorite glass of wine at night after baby is asleep.

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      While being a mom I have so many responsibilities the me time I take allows me to recharge and gain composure. Sometimes just a walk around the block in the fresh air puts me in a great mood

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      I am a single mom of 2 with 2 jobs. I usually try to find time for 10 minutes of yoga. Sometimes, I like to stay up a little later than usual and knit something I can gift later.

    • #100767

      I make time for myself by learning to watercolor. This is my downtime. Love my new hobby.

    • #101518

      I exercise for a half hour daily! I try to do this when everyone is at school or at night before bedtime!

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      great post. Looking fwd to ideas

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      B J

      I like watching a good movie or going for a walk.

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      Wow, what a helpful forum! I was thinking about waking up before my daughter does to work our and eat breakfast but today it failed and I just kept hitting snooze but everyone loves it so tomorrow will be the day. This forum is great

    • #115971

      I scrapbook pictures of them and some things they make at school

    • #119106

      I run a couple pages on Facebook I work on first thing after the older kids leave while I have coffee and watch cartoon with my youngest while he’s eats breakfast and then again when I’m putting the youngest to bed, it’s relaxing and gives me enough to concentrate on that I don’t fall asleep. After all 4 are finally in bed and everything is set out for the next day, I either take a bath, play games on my phone or nap until my SO is done with his stuff and ready to watch TV.

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      I drink coffee and read when I have the chance.

    • #128195

      I always take an hour or two everyday to have Me time. I wake up extra early and workout for 30 minutes, have my coffee, and breakfast. somedays, I get more time depending on how long the kids sleep in. I always do this every morning. In the evenings, I always let the kids play in their rooms, and I have time to read my favorite book, or take a hot bath.

    • #143090

      My me time is always before my day starts and as my day is coming to a close. My favorite music and 20 minutes of aerobics. In the morning this gives me the energy to get started. Somehow it is just the opposite at night. It relaxes me. A great reward for a job well done, no matter how the day went. I woke up and made it through.

    • #143914

      B J

      I love my flower bed, I like to work in the flower garden or just sit a few minutes to enjoy it!!

    • #146096

      I take a bubble batn, when the kids nap I do my nails and I do a face mask etc. I think it is very important to take time out for me so that way I don’t get burned out. Kids can tell when your stressed and it can affect them too so if it’s just watching a show I like or relaxing in the tub I am always taking a time out to recharge.

    • #176546


      I like to go to yoga or get outside and run.

    • #180004

      I stay up late. I know I always end up paying the price in the morning but their is just something about the night time and it being so quite.

    • #184597

      I honestly sit and do nothing. It’s really the best because when I’m with my kids I’m worrying about them and what they need all the time. Coffee is really nice.

    • #185108

      My me time is when kids are sleeping. I either take a nice hot shower, watch a movie, or get stuff done or I relax.

    • #186317

      Same here. It’s needed.

    • #186318

      It’s weird feeling being a sahm and trying to or do mom time. But hot baths by myself if I can I love.

    • #187117

      Mom is the superhero and idol of my life
      Mother has been struggling for years, let me have the opportunity to take care of my mother, listen to stories my mother has not had time to tell.

    • #190612

      Hello! This is my research about the importance of the mother-child relationship.

      If you are a British mother of at least one preschooler, please join here, we will complete the big puzzle of psychological research together!

      Feel free to share it with other mothers!

      Thank you for your time!

      You can find it here (it’s anonymous):
      Hello! This is my research about the importance of the mother-child relationship.

      If you are a British mother of at least one preschooler, please join here, we will complete the big puzzle of psychological research together!

      Feel free to share it with other mothers!

      Thank you for your time!

      You can find it here (it’s anonymous)

    • #193126

      “ME TIME” Is sitting in the peace and quiet and soaking it up before my sweet and loving Tasmanian children are back and making their messes


    • #194461

      I go and get my nails done once a month. I also read every night before bed

    • #194686

      I take 10 minutes a put on a Korean face mask. Very relaxing, affordable and it does wonders for my skin!

    • #195412

      I like watching tv or reading a book during my “me time”. I also try to squeeze in a face mask to feel refreshed.

    • #196258

      I feel like I never have any time for myself and when I do I just wanna sleep. And it’s only been 6 weeks since having her .

    • #200373

      I’ve been trying to work out and take a few for myself which is so unusual. Ha

    • #200668

      I take a bath with epsom salt, snuggle with my dog, or go for a walk and take pictures.

    • #202409

      Meditation and yoga works wonders!

    • #202466

      With my 6months old twin, my me time is at 8pm when i put them to bed and i start watching my silly reality shows 🙂

    • #206864

      Thank you

    • #207071



    • #208156

      My me time is going to the grocery store ince a week while my parents babysit my kids. This is my alone time!!

    • #216559

      Sounds good.

    • #218417

      I need to work on actually taking me time.

    • #220666

      I like to take nice warm baths with a lot of bubble bath or bath bombs. I usually do it 2-3 times a week when the kids go to bed. It relaxes my muscles and I enjoy the quiet time. Usually when I shower I have a 2 year old and 1 year old opening the door and pulling the shower curtains. “Hey mom!” “You shower mom?!”

    • #224485

      For me time, when I get the chance to have “me time”, I like to read, sing, shop, and browse the internet.

    • #231401

      I wake up before everyone to enjoy my coffee and scroll through social media in peace 😂

    • #233429

      What is me time?

    • #235101

      Listen to music.

    • #237017

      Lol. What’s that? I only usually get whatever time my son sleeps but I’m usually cleaning.

    • #241656

      Pilates, Netflix, and gardening!

    • #244513

      i take time after everyone goes to bed to watch my favorite shows.

    • #250801

      “Me time” is so important. I do yoga and eat lol.

    • #250869

      I love to go to the spa and get a facial, or just take a long warm bath.

    • #256974

      I like to put kids to bed,take time for me.Take a long hot bath,use some oils that relax you.Then Get in some n8ce clean sheets with a Good pillow.

    • #265184

      I try to get together with girlfriends once in a while.

    • #265213

      workout, walk, read

    • #265217

      I take a long Hot bath

    • #269591

      A nice bubble bath is a great way to relax.ann

    • #342408

      I make it a point to take time out for myself each week. Personally, I feel like getting that time alone allows me to relax and clear my head to be a better mom.
      I always go shopping to make sure I spoil myself once a week, it’s sort of like a little self reminder that I’m more than just a wife and mother. Sometimes after shopping I’ll come home and relax with a hot bubble bath, candles, and light music.. Other times I’ll get my hair and nails done and a quick massage while I’m out. It all depends on how I’m feeling and how stressful the previous week has been.

    • #342634

      Am take one time for relax and eat organic

    • #343281

      Am cooking cheese cake and playing music for relax

    • #344194

      am playing with my kids 3 hours

    • #344365

      Taking “me time” is really important. I wish I took more time with my friends, but for now I get in a show or craft when the rest of the house is asleep.

    • #344726

      Am take time for walking and relax

    • #347114

      Am workout in my home for relax

    • #348031

      Am eat healthy and sleep good

    • #350046

      Am like relax with yoga and take shower

    • #351146

      Pre covid I liked going to hot yoga and fitness classes. Now I typically will lock myself in my bedroom and take a nice bath with a face mask on. Even just a half hour to relax in the tub feels amazing!

    • #351348

      workout, walk, watch a comedy, read, mani pedi

    • #355436

      I paint my nails… box dye my hair and cut it a bit. Watch my fav movies.

    • #356223

      Am drink coffe cold and walking mornings

    • #356991

      I end up napping or cleaning the whole house without the kids home.

    • #378222

      I recommend you read “How to survive your child’s 1 year : 10 tricks to do it ” 27s + 1 + year & qid = 1603802690 & sprefix = how + to + survive + your + 1 + years +% 2Caps% 2C268 & sr = 8-1 to

      get inspired.

      I loved him as a young mother at the beginning

    • #381531

      Hello! I feel you. Try to make a schedule for yourself, make sure to include care for yourself, time for books, serials, what you love. Work out, a five-minute tabata will help you to stay in shape without taking too long. Try meditation to learn how to live in the moment. Avoid stress.
      Even small joys like hor coffee in the morning will help make your day better.

    • #389997

      Unfortunately during this pandemic if I get up early enough to drink my coffee by myself that is the only me time I have.

    • #396241


      I really love being with my pets, reading and being outdoors.

    • #400694

      I try to get up early and do a yoga in the morning before the kids get up, and then I take about 5 minutes just for a facial routine. I actually just started that and it really does feel like pampering myself because my skin feels better and it doesn’t take much time at all.

    • #405492

      I love the idea of setting some time aside for yourself even if it’s just a very short amount of time.

    • #405721

      I read a book or take a nice bubble bath.

    • #414196

      i find that i am a much better version of myself when i take some me time

    • #414594


      Read a lot.

    • #414610

      I scrapbook or sew custom projects for peopl e or my family

    • #421236

      The other moms and I leave the kids with dad once a week for a wine drinking happy hour at the winery that is a few miles from my house. I also have a passion of taking photos of landscape photography and pictures of animals in nature.

    • #430769

      Taking walks, working out early.

    • #438427

      I wait until everyone is asleep grab a glass of wine and popcorn lounge on the sofa and binge watch Asian dramas.

    • #438557

      I like to go to the beach and walk.

    • #438558

      I also like to go walking downtown at the little shops.

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