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      I once knew this girl who had a few kids from a few different men. With each new boyfriend, I saw her son call them “daddy”. I asked her if that was confusing for him and she just kind of brushed it off like “No, it’s fine.” I can understand a kid calling one step parent mom or dad but this was multiple guys.

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      I had my daughter before I was married with a man I wasn’t dating and ended up trying to date after becoming pregnant, life happened very fast. I got married two years later and my daughter has known my husband her whole life. She calls both the men in her life daddy. She finds a deeper relationship with myself and my husband when it comes to a family unit and she calls us her parents. She loves her bio-dad and calls him daddy as well. She wasn’t forced to call anyone anything, she just choose what felt comfortable to her. At the end of the day this issue is not about what you want but, what your child wants. I myself am a child of a family adoption and I called my family what i felt they were to me.

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        Thank you for sharing, Shelby! It’s not a situation I was in. I was asking people’s opinions. Thank you again for your input.

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      great input

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      I think it should be the childs’s choice. If they are close, I don’t see an issue having the kids call a non biological parent mom or dad. What matters is that there is a healthy relationship

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      My step kids will call me mom around their brothers but if just talking to me will say my name, no pressure on anything they want to say as long as they are comfortable

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      I think its confusing

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