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      A lot of people hear that a food is Genetically Modified(GMO) or Genetically Engineered(GE). Most don’t think about what these foods are actually modified to do.

      Did you know that GMO corn is modified to kill everything that eats it? Whether that’s parasites, bugs, animals, humans, it doesn’t discriminate, it will eat the lining out of your intestines slowly , the more you consume, the better it works.

      A lot of people who have chosen a GMO free lifestyle have done so because of health reasons.

      What have you given up in the GMO food category for a healthier you???

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      When I decided to make a lifestyle change for the better, it included taking genetically modified sugar and corn out of my diet. I instantly lost about 40 pounds, had more energy, and I actually got pregnant! Now, it’s harder with the cravings, but I stick to the non gmo lifestyle for my baby.

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      Go natural non-GMO whenever possible

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      What is the source of your information?

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      All you have to do is research with ANY BASIC SEARCH ENGINE “risks of GMO food” or “GMO damage to organs and health”
      research has been done, and is showing negative health effects, including altering DNA…which can lead to EXTREME health problems. Stop being lazy or gullible, taking mainstream information, and DO THE RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF.

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      i try to avoid food i see labeled as GMO

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      They help allow more robust disease free growth in areas that normally may not be able to grow such produce

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      GMO food is a horrible food
      And I don’t eat this type of food

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      Helpful information.

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      For me, I understand why GMO’s are being used. They are cheaper with those who have less money, which is very important. However, personally, I try to limit the amount of GMO’s that my daughter and son eat in order to establish the habit healthier lifestyles for the future! Even though we do have some fast food every once in awhile, we still strive to healthy options, but I do not think that GMO’s should be omitted from the plate fully for everyone.

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      Loving this information.

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