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      I BAeing in alot of streess recently what do you recomend me to do or ear or maybe read. I Really appreciate your ideas and thought.

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      Yoga and meditation work for me

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      I like to get massages, pedicures and manicures or go for a nice long walk. Also taking a warm bubble bath with a yummy glass of wine 🙂

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        Yoga, relax in bubble bath recommend a stress relief kind, lighten the mood by lighting a candle that lifts your vibe

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      Having some alone time once everyone is in bed.

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      exercising and more sleep

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      I love watching movies that are funny and adventurous – it keeps me focused and I find myself blocking out all the stress and worries I have. I do have one book I recommend reading, which was a book I found during my stressful days. It is called, The Happy Mom Mindset by Molly Claire, which talks about the Mom traps we often let ourselves into.

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      Taking a walk with my dogs

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      Great suggestion.

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      I usually buy candles and aromatic steamers fo the house, and I fill them with essential oils and it makes the house smell sooo nice! This really works, and if you want to know more about it I’ll leave a link for you here.

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      Great suggestion.

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      Great ideas!

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      Hot water, tea, Hot chocolate

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      i drink a cup of hot green tea and just sit somewhere quiet and relax clear my mind

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