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      So I’m a stay at home mom with 2 wild boys! I’m sure there are plenty that can relate. For my “me time” I paint. I’m no where good at it. But I find it relaxing. My man works for a company that he gets to bring scrap wood home. So I have been making signs. I have decorate my son’s rooms finally for next to nothing. And even made my family n friends signs to. So what kind of hobbies do you do to help stay sane from being a momma?🤣

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      Good job 🙂

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      B J

      I used to crochet, but, lately, have been doing crafts with the kids. Keeps them busy and they like it, and I like doing it with them.

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      great to hear

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      When is my hobbies that I have started is making fairy houses and I give them away it’s relaxing and I get to make some little girl happy even grown women LOL

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      My hobbies are geocaching, Munzeeing, and foraging for wild edibles.

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