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      And at what age? To make it clear, I am not judging. I’m curious.

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      support and love your children and allow them to be who they want to be. you can try to mold them .. nature vs. nuture but soon they will be out of your control and what they remember is love and support … or lack there of

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      Absolutely! Just wanted to hear what other moms had to say. 🙂

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      I support my kids in what ever They decided. My boys are debauchery boys tho. But transgender is something most realize from a very young age.

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      Love and support your children no matter what. Being transgender isn’t a choice – it’s just how some people are born. Understand that your child knows who they are and just be accepting and love them.

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      We just need to focus on self love and love and respect for all

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      Absolutely! Couldn’t agree more. <3

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      No ideas….. but no objection either

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      Love your kids unconditionally

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      Agree, love your kids or whom ever it is no matter what.

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      I think it’s more about the child realizing their identity and then deciding it for themselves. It’s not up to the parent to decide, just support and protect them from anyone who starts hating. I don’t see anything wrong, children have to decide for themselves and communicate their loved ones.

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      I couldn’t agree more, Flor. Of course I would never make the decision for a child or try to change their mind. Kids deserve love no matter what. Always. ♡♡♡

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      I couldn’t agree more

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