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      There are many threats involved in living with pains. Not only can the physical symptoms be painful and debilitating, but experiencing them day in and day out can be mentally exhausting as well. Although some pain medications may help, often there is no single cure or treatment for the pain. since everyone experiences pain differently. If you are suffering from Back pain that has you flat on your back in bed, your doctor might prescribe a short course of opiate pain medication to enable you to get out of bed. At that time use CBD Oil to get relief from Back Pain. Personally, I Suggest CBD Oils for Pains.

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      You’re right about how hard life gets dealing with chronic pain. Physical therapy, exercise, weight control make a long term difference, but require a lot of self discipline and patience.

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      life is definitley hard when dealing with pain fro chronic illness or injury, I always wanted to try more nature approaches since drs now in days want to send you home with a bunch of meds

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      maybe try other cannabis-based treatments for pain control? that might help. There are some herbal teas that induce the body’s healing properties as well, but I’d recommend taking that along with other methods not on its own. Also, make sure it doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of other pain medications first.

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      I’m definitely going to try CBD.

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      Regular massages work wonders!

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      try ice/hot in the morning then go to bed with a heating pad at night. the heating pads now have automatic shut off

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      Soaking in a hot bath with Epsom salt works pretty good for me. Also cold weather seems to make the pain worse so if it’s cold I would bundle up and make sure you’re kept warm.

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      There are some techniques like a massage with ointments, pain relief medicines or other way is to consult a doctor.

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      stretching every day

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      I’m definitely going to try CBD oil.

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      I’m going to try CBD oil.

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      we must have a lot of pain, judging from this flow

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      Making some changes in your diet may help. I cut out a lot of my sugar and processed meats intake.

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      Try coconut oils and drinking water

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