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    For me, it was probably a suspense-thriller like BirdBox.

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    I love lifetime and hallmark movies. I just recently watched the Olivia Newton John story. 🙂

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    Bird Box!

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    Bird box! Great movie!

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    I enjoy watching scary crime movies or documentaries.

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    Roma. Slow moving (so relaxing, but not boring) about family life.

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    During me time I normally catch up on my shows on Netflix 🙂

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    Just finished Daredevil and started the latest season of The Punisher.

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    i watched the town

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    a disney movie haha

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    What is this “me time” you speak of?? hahaha….. No just playing, I dont have the attention span to sit through a movie, so usually I spend my me time exercising. or listening to music while I catch up on laundry. I think the last movie I actually watched was when there was a Rocky marathon on. I love Stallone!!!!

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    bridesmaids! It always gives me a laugh

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    disney movies

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