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    the last DIY project you did? What did you need? How did you do it?

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    I make my own fabric softener out of hair conditioner, vinegar, hot water and essential oils. I get the cheapest 16oz bottle of conditioner I can find at Walmart and pick out whatever scent smells the best or will go with the essential oils I plan on using. You mix the whole 16 oz. bottle of conditioner (2 cups), 3 cups vinegar and 6 cups of hot water together. Then add 30-40 drops of whatever essential oil or oils you want to use and stir. Then I fill an old detergent jug or gallon milk jug. (I’ve found that using a several smaller jugs works better for filling a fabric softener ball.) To use: add 1/4 to 1/2 a cup to rinse cycle or fill a fabric softener ball and add at start of load. Works just as good as any store bought softeners.

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      never knew you could do that. will need to try

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      That’s one DIY I’ve never heard of before. Great idea, thanks!

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    Wow! That’s very cool. Thank you for sharing! I just may try that one day. 🙂

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      You’re very welcome! Hope it helps, I know I enjoy it and it saves a ton of money!

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    Any good ideas on these posts are always appreciated.

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    wow never knew thr .thx for ideas!!

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    kids toys… using toilet paper rolls, pompoms, pipe cleaners

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    B J

    The fabric softener sounds great – I never heard of that before. I can’t wait to try it.

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