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    When I was little, I can only remember maybe one kid in class that had a lot of allergies. Now, some schools won’t even let other kids bring peanuts or peanut butter to school because other kids have such severe allergies to them. It’s kind of sad. I’ve heard letting babies try a little peanut butter when they’re really little helps them grow a tolerance to this. Don’t take my word for it though. I’m no doctor. Look it up or talk to a doctor first!

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    It does seem to be waaaay bigger now adays and tho it can be frustrating for the kids/parents who aren’t dealing with peanut allergies, I support peanut free schools because these kids need to be safe. Plus most allergies are really severe and cause anxiety for the kids who have them.

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    I have severe allergies. Life threatening. When I was a kid, my school didn’t care. They never talked to me, or assessed the severity, or did any type of accommodations.
    I think part of the current problem is schools recognizing the problem more than used to, and overreacting in fear of being sued. Our society right now seems to feel entitled and threatens legal action for any little thing.
    I’m in my late 30s, and I was not the only kid in school that had severe allergies. One student, who was 2 grades younger than me, and he carried 2 EpiPens. But it just wasn’t a thing that was talked about.

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    Great points! It is definitely talked about much more now. Angelsara, sorry you went through that! They should have definitely been way more caring with you. I do agree that many people now feel more entitled…

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    Aww nice

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    I agree this has grew tremendously.

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