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      Some kids were preparing in their younerg teens, some their sophomore year, some of us never went! When do you think is a good time to prepare/apply?

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      start considering ideas in young teens, but start visiting in sophomore year or junior year

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      Sophomore time

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      Prepare and start looking at 14/15, visit schools 16, apply 17/18

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      Ah, all but one answer were very helpful! 😉 Thanks, ladies.

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      This help a lot.

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        Indeed, Sandy.

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      Sophomore year, it starting to discuss college earlier is great too!

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      The earlier the better.

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      Thank you. 🙂

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      From what was said when I was in school, many years ago. Always do a college search early as possible, Freshman year. Kids can get ahead in their schooling. If they know what they want to be or kinda have an idea, they can take college courses, take online courses to get ahead in school. Just depends on the school the kids goes to and what the child can do. Some schools offer kids to get ahead and other schools do not. My child is lucky to have a school system that allows kids to get ahead on their own terms.

      Make your child volunteer, do a lot of things around town. Do alot of things that will make your child look good.

      If your child has no clue what they want to do when getting out of school. Then dont try for a certain college. Just stick to the local college.

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      The earlier the better.

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      Good information

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      Very good advice!!

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      Thank you for asking and responding to this question. I never had the idea brought up when I was younger and want to set my daughter up better than I had with opportunities. She is in a magna middle school and they visited a college last year when she was a 6th grader to start conversations and inspire them to do well. I thought this was a wonderful idea and very thankful they did this with the entire 6th grade.

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      Good info here

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      Depends on if your child has made up there mind what they want to be or even what direction they want to go in. Most of my kids started looking in 11th grade. My middle daughter had a free ride and ended up with my oldest daughters oldest child to care for and dropped out when she was 19. Oddly enough the job she has settled in is in the exact field she was going to college for. My son who was a magician now drives trucks and is a pastor. My oldest daughter wanted to be a nurse but sufferes from anerexia and bulimia. You just never know where life will lead you. My oldest daughter still living home is in 12th grade and we are hoping her grades are high enough to graduate we are coming down to the wire with her. Some kids are motivated while others no matter what you do they just dig in their feet and won’t budge. My youngest wants to be a lifeguard and work with children, she starts 9th grade next year and has requested to be homeschooled. So it is very different for each child.

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