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    My son is almost 2 years old and I still haven’t given him anything with nuts. I’m just too scared. I’m almost thinking I should give them to him when I’m actually at the doctor’s office just in case there is a serious reaction.

    Am I overreacting?

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    I think you should ask your doctor about the symptoms of nut allergy. You can give him try a small amount first to see how he reacts to it. That’s what my aunt and uncle do with my cousin. She had extremely bad react with peanut when she was young.
    Don’t be too scary or overreacting.
    If your doctor say it is ok to try, let’s try.

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    When he is three is a great age

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    At the direction of my pediatrician, I introduced it to my babies when they were a few months old. Just a little bit on their tongue a few times. I always did it right before one of their well checks because it made me feel safer about the whole thing. I’d go ahead and try it before your little ones next appointment – the sooner the exposure the better and especially in a controlled environment.

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    my pediatrician told me to give my 6 month old some peanut butter thinned with water,

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    after 1 year

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    My doctor recommended introducing peanut butter at about 6 months. She suggested putting a small amount on my daughter’s cheek near the corner of her mouth to see if there was an allergic reaction.

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    My little one got tested positive for nut allergy when he was 3-4 months. When should I bring him back for a retest to see if he really has allergy? ☹️ I’m praying that he doesn’t have any food/nut allergy. Any suggestions helps. Thank you moms out there.

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