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      When did you potty train your LO?
      My husband told me that our oldest (my step child) was potty trained before he was 2. Our little one is now 14 months, and while we are no where near potty training, I figured I would ask other moms when they decided to potty train and what worked and what didn’t.
      I have always believed that I would not push my child to potty train, but unsure whether or not my husband is on the same page. It is something we will talk about, but like I said, I figure I’d start getting information about it now.

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      Well.. 3. I think my daughter could read before she was willing to be potty trained.

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      Every child is different. Some are ready by 2, others are 3 or 4. If you want to introduce the idea, you can see how your daughter does. If she isn’t ready, don’t sweat it and try again in a month or two. Your instincts are right that you shouldn’t try to force potty training if your daughter isn’t ready. And be sure to involve your husband in potty training, so that he can see firsthand how your daughter responds.

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      My son will be 2 and he kinda shows signs but I’m not sure he’s ready. I’m hoping within the next 6 mths.

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