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    I am curious when most people spoke to their child about sex. I feel my husband needs to have the talk with our 9 year old son, but we are unsure in timing. My son can is more on the immature side and it does not seem to be a concern now, but something I feel we do need to talk about soon. So curious when people had the talk with their child or planning on having the talk?

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    It really depends on the child and maturity level, but my advice probably BEFORE the school starts

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    This is a hard one and something I am wondering about too! Thanks for asking the question and I can’t wait to see the responses!

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    I have a son who is currently 11. I’m pretty sure he already knows but should we talk to him now or wait another year or two?

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    My son is 9 and in forth grade. I know when I was a child we learned about it in 5 grade. I know it is going to be sooner rather than later that my husband is going to talk to him because he is on the bus with 5th graders, and as far as I know he does not know anything, but that does not mean anything. I think we are going to look up some books online to help.

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    Looking for books sounds like a good idea. We homeschool so we don’t have outside influences quite as much.

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    I had the talk with my girls at a very early age (4 or 5) and I continued talking to them about it as they grew and moved up the growth ladder–I still talk to them about it to this day. Times are changing so rapidly and things that were once taboo (forbidden/secret) before are not taboo anymore. Kids can find things out from movies, friends, Internet, music (&/or videos), games and social media. There is no escaping it as it is everywhere nowadays. Whether you feel as if your child is not ready, believe me they are more ready than you think and once you start taking you may be shocked to find out just what they may already know about the subject. Remember that looks, attitude and behavior can be deceiving. It is better to have your child hear it from you than from somewhere on the streets or from some misinterpretation online or in movies. Everything seems to gear itself around sex these days even cartoons. Everything is becoming more racier; while staying hidden behind innocent facades & clever undertones. It is never too early to equip your child with the knowledge of sex and all that it entails. Remember: Knowledge is power; and it is better to be aware and prepared than unaware and having to face the consequences of that unawareness.

    The reason I say this is because with all these predators online and in our natural habitats our children are more susceptible of getting hurt or taken if not informed. If someone touches your child inappropriately an unaware child my not know that what has taken place is wrong and a downward spiral will start to take form. Arming your child with knowledge about what sex is and how one should go about doing it is the best defense your child has for protecting themselves–no matter the age (once a child’s understanding comes into play).

    **Just My Two Cents**

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      todays world can be a scary place, good to arm our children/grandchildren with good information!!!!

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    Wow. You make awesome points! I agree with everything you said. Thank you.

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    I have been wondering the same thing with my 4th grader

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    Thank you guys! I’ve been wondering about this myself

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    When they get their first pimple or start growing hair

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    Good read.

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    Thanks for posting. I’ve been wondering the same thing for my son.

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    Helpful information.

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    Great sharing.

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