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      Okay,call my a hellicopter mommy, I know. Ive Been a stay at home mom since my sweet baby girl was born 5 years ago. And oh is she a mamas girl. She has literally been by my side since day one!! I am VERY overly protective of my child she is my world,my strength, the very reason my heart beats within me. My everything. Call me crazy but I dont even go out since Ive had her. I stay with her and do my very best to embrace every moment I can with her. She has only ever even spent the night away from me maybe a handful of times and most of those were emergency’s plus with very trusted family . Then bam, all the sudden she’s going to be in school all day. I am going to go insane worrying about my girl. What she’s doing, if she’s ok, having fun, is she eating , is anyone being mean or rude to her? 😱 Any moms that could give my any advice to try to help calm my anxietys????

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      Hi Mary,

      I completely understand how you’re feeling. It’s so hard to make this transition. I remember when my daughter was excited to go to school for the first time and went on the bus by herself, I thought I was going to die! I think I might have followed the school bus for a bit in my car, just because I wanted to make sure they weren’t taking her somewhere else. I don’t know what else to say, except that most moms going through this type of anxiety. But at some point, you just need to take the big step and let them know and trust that they will be ok. Good luck!

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      hi,I am mother of 5 yr old who is going to be in kinder this just frightened me at first thinking he is going to be at school whole day and i will be at work but i am glad that he is going to make some wonderful friends and going to have good time at school.being mother we think that we don’t want to miss them and we don’t want them to go away without us being there for them but they do long to play with other kids other than being with mom or dad or other family members.

      when i went for prek orientation my eyes were filled with tears thinking my boy will be at school for 3 hours and i am going to miss him he did give us trouble for a week or two then later on as he come from school i talk to him what they did at school, all his friends came to school today, his friends names. so he find it interesting to talk about school,friends and me also finds its interesting to know what they doing in school.then we know for sure that they are doing okay having fun, making friends…. time goes on… but we have to be strong for them………..

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      Thank you both. Don’t get me wrong I want her to have fun and make friends and learn all she can possibly learn. It just really bites, I am so not ready to let go

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      its going to take a while you and your baby will be okay soon…

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        I know the feeling!
        It was a day of mixed emotions… for both of us. On one hand, excitement for the new environment, people and experiences, but also fear of the unknown.
        My son struggled the first day of school, I don’t think he quite understood the concept of school, he may have thought I was putting him in foster care!
        But he adjusted nicely, and it all worked out for the best.

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      My son is 9, so it has been a while since he started school, however I do still have some fears that you expressed Mary, about not knowing what my son experience, and how others may treat him. One thing we started at our house is positive, negative, positive. At dinner, we each need to share a positive from the day, a negative about our day and end with another positive. It is okay to give a few negatives if it has been that type of day, but you have to start and end with a positive, that way we start and end with the good. Sandwich effect. Not only does it let me understand my son’s day (and it does get him to express more about his day) but my husband and I are able to teach my son how to turn negatives into positives.
      Also, I’m sure you are already half through the year, but one thing I saw from Pinterest or some other website but it was making or having a matching bracelet with your daughter, that you both wear everyday and can think about one another.
      Hope you both have been able to adjust well with the change.

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      I remember these days all too well…I remember waving Good-Bye to my little one on her bus ride…Cried my eyes out! It was so hard, but when I saw the happiness in her eyes at the end of her day, telling me what all they did in school…I knew it would all be ok. It does get easier.

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        it was the greatest time of my life. My memories of all the things you moms are talking about…..all I can say is cherish them and know that life is but a fleeting moment!

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      It is hard, very hard, but take a breath and step back Momma. Let your beautiful baby fly!! =)

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      I understand what you saying, I have almost same story.

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      I completely understand

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      I know how you feel😢

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      great stories

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      Good information

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      Good read.

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