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      Why do people have a problem with bodybuilding?

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      People may think it’s an unproductive and narcissistic pursuit of beauty. I guess they think it’s only based on appearance, so it seems demeaning and vain. I used to be a bodybuilder, and I valued the process to consistently track my food and exercise to get on the stage. It gave me a sense of dedication and motivation to push myself to my absolute limits!

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      People think it is gender specfic to males.

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      Because they are jealous

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        A lot of people see it as something men should do because too much muscle on a woman is seen as unattractive to a vast majority of people.

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      There could be many reasons for this, such as low testosterone level, lack of proper and healthy food, hormonal imbalance and much more. Fret not, to combat such effects, you can try natural and potential muscle building supplement. The herbal supplement is prepared from natural plant extracts so safe to use.

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      I don’t. Do your thing, girl!:D <3 I had this friend who was training to be a boxer (her dad is an ex boxer) Although she was pretty built, she was also very beautiful (not that looks matter). You do & feel what makes you happy. Look the way you want to look. Forget everyone else. Kick butt & be happy!

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      I dont!

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      People think we are all supposed to look like the girls on the front cover of the magazine: small, fragile, skinny, with scrawny arms and skinny legs. I don’t like that. Nothing more beautiful that a body where you can see all the hard work paying off. Just this morning I passed this gorgeous man while jogging. He said he went from a 32 waits to a 24 waist!! Gorgeous muscle definition all over his body. He looked so happy and healthy, and inspirational. I certainly don’t have his drive or dedication, but if I did, there’s nothing wrong with women looking like that as well.

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