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      Why do twins wear the same clothes?

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      To be honest I never understood this and after becoming a mom to twins (almost 9m old twin girls)- I still don’t!! Lol But will say that now seeing it from this side of the fence, that it’s really more of a personal choice so finding an answer would probably be difficult as each would vary based on the individual’s feelings/thoughts as to why. With that said, for me it’s not my choice to but I do like to sometimes have the outfits be either similar style but different colors or vise versa. Though society sure does make it hard to not at one point or another have them wearing the same outfit! I say this cause well pretty much every outfit received as a gift was two of the same! Lol Regardless of ones choice/view on the topic- one can’t deny that it’s not too darn cute seeing two sweet babies looking alike dressed alike! …yet maybe not so much after toddler years 😉

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