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      I personally think daily is great-a simple walk around the block, an impromptu dance party in the kitchen…get your 10K steps in.

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        A daily routine is so healthy and you will feel so much better…..

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      If I exercise consistently, my body feels so much better!

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      I exercise 3 days a week. I’m disabled, so I can’t really push myself like I use to when I was in my prime. I do have daily chores that keep me mobile, but I do everything in moderation…

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      Think about it as “move daily” – you’ll feel so much better, and have more energy (and time to get everything done when you are healthy). It’s not chore – it’s part of the fun of your day

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      it helps health and aging

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      Great stress relief, as well as it moves out that stagnant energy. Also a good sweat helps you to rid yourself of those toxic buildups that we get fro. our foods. lifestyle chioces and environment. A good cleaning of your diet 2x a year will keep you healthy and free from “dis-ease”
      I strive for a good 3x a week or more of moving my body.
      And the more you do it the more it’s a habit that is super beneficial!

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      it’s good

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      I love this.

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      good for physical development

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      Its a must to exercise weekly to keep your body healthy and strong with a good metabolism and cardio vascular system to stay working smoothly for your body

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      To keep you inshape.

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      Thanks for all the great ideas on here!

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      it makes you feel/look great

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