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    Weight lifting is a healthy thing to do – keeps bones strong, increases lean muscle, having increased strength prevents injury. But “Bodybuilding” is for appearance, not health. And it’s extreme – like losing all your fat for muscle definition. It seems (to me) like it comes from a goofy self body image (well, you asked!)

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    I do not agree with you, I believe that Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise prevents health problems, increases strength, increases energy and can help reduce stress. It can also help maintain a healthy body weight and reduce appetite. Although it is true that structural bodies are very fashionable, it is also important for your health

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      I enjoy my daily walk…helps me to de-stress…

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    exercise is important

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    Good information.

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    Exercise is very important in living a healthy lifestyle. I feel so much better about myself, gain energy and it’s helped me be a more confident person. It also is so good for my children to witness and be a part of. My daughter has juvenile arthritis, and she’s only 3, so doing a simple exercise such as a walk everyday is great for her!

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    I love exercise.

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    great information

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    is healthy

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    it is good to get about

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    love exercises

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    To live a healthy and fit life, it is important to have a strong body. Both male and female can take equal steps to build a lean muscle mass and give their body a perfect shape. Today there are many muscle building supplements are available that will help to achieve a perfect shape to the body. As it is prepared from the natural ingredients, you can use it to get a perfect shape.

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      There are so many protein powders and shakes out there… how do you know what ones are healthy and effective?

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    Good info thanks!

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    I have to agree with a lot of the ladies here, I do love my exercise! No hate though. Just what I like. 🙂

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    I do powerlifting.

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    B J

    I also think that exercising is important to your lifestyle. It is really hard, sometimes in the winter to get out and exercise, but still important.

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    Exercise is so important!

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    overall exercise is good for the body

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    I just got into weightlifting a couple of months ago after having my second baby. I feel amazing!! Now doing Spartan races and trying to remain consistent!

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    Walking a few hours goes such a long way!

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    Exercise to keep you calm and peaceful and mind full. not just physical exercise brain exercise is also important for a mom to deal with the surprises that bring in a day.


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