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      Hard working people it hard with kids

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      Any one need advise on hard-working moms

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      It’s hard at time and overwhelming

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      hi, i can reccomand u this,just graet…

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      Take a look on It’s a web for mothers in US where you can find helpful articles and resources among other things. I’m in Boston Community and I always find someone ready to help me when I need it!

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      keep a schedule. use charts for kids (what to do at bedtime, what their chores are etc)

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      Agreed! It’s tough being a working mom

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      It is exhausting. I wish I didn’t have to work, I feel like I only spend a few hours a night with my daughter.

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      I hear ya!

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      Take it one day at a time. I consider each day to be a accomplishment. When I stopped trying to multitask so much, I became much happier and everything else fell into place.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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