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      i was a working mom and i always felt bad

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      Don’t feel bad. I’ve done both worked and stood at home. In these days many mom’s have to work. I think it’s easier once the little ones are in school. It is very hard to be away at work and you feel like your missing out because they grow so fast.

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      it’s good to have a balance

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      I do too. I wish I could stay home with my son 24/7

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      I used to feel this way before, I got an online job using my social media. I work whenever I want.

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      I have been enjoying working from home, one of the few upsides of the pandemic

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      Why did you feel bad? Because of the heavy load? Some people are frustrated by the fact that they do not spend much time with their children. I am often criticized for working, but I don’t feel good without my work. Of course, it is difficult but allows me to live actively.

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      I work online

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