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    Or would you be ok if you don’t follow religion, but your kid wanted to?

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    Yes. I am slightly conflicting with myself on the idea of religion for my child. I want to raise her in Southern Baptist church like I was but I also want to educate her on every religion and ultimately it will be up to her the pth she chooses

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    I think it’s a personal choice. I am raising my kids in the church but if they choose not to participate as adults, I would respect their choice

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    Sounds great

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    I think it’s a personal choice. I am religious but I don’t go to church every sunday. My mom and grandmother go all the time. My husband was raised if he wanted to go he could. His father came from a family who drank a lot and his parents sent him to church as a baby sitter. My father in law told my husband at an early age as long as he believes he can go if he wants to.

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    To me “religion” doesn’t matter. What does matter to me is whether or not they have the desire in their hearts to learn more about their spirit. What is the center of everything??? Love, love of self, fellow man, and the knowledge that love ultimately comes from God. He gave all free will to choose for themselves.

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    yes i will, but after he/she gets 18. It is their right to chose their own way.

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    Thanks for all the input, ladies!

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    I actually raised my children exploring different religions, practices and beliefs. I refused to tell them what I believe until teenaged (only 1 is) as to not sway them in any way. I answered questions with information not opinion. I am 100% about them picking what feels right to them and supporting that. Religion is personal. It should not be spoon fed with their rice cereal. Religion should not be something that is GIVEN to a child like their name and nationality. I took them each to many denominations, returned to ones they requested, sent them to VBS, got information from the places and set up times to answer my child so it wasn’t tainted with my opinion or dislike…for my family I believe religions should be introduced, discussed, and then personally decided upon by the individual not the family of the individual.

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    it all depends on there age and other factors

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    Absolutely, I give my children this freedom. They went to a Lutheran preschool that we love but whose teachings don’t reflect our own views. We express our thoughts/beliefs and encourage our children to develop their own (“What do you think about that?” “What feels right to you?”) Religion is so personal. And if you push, they are likely to fight even harder. Keep the lines of conversation open and be clear about your expectations: Is your child expected to attend services respectfully even if he doesn’t believe or can he choose to forego them? Is he able to seek out a belief that feels more natural to him and is the family willing to go with him to those services? There’s a lot to think about and a lot of societal/famillial sensitivities to manage as well. I wish you all the best as you navigate this together!

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    I would just teach them about God in general and help to develop their faith and if they want to follow a certain religion they can if not all that matters is believing and having faith and a good heart!

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