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      That the kids want, what you want or something to do with the product you’re sampling? Or a little bit of everything?

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      As for me, totally creative. I come up with themes that zeros in on what I am sampling as well as creating an atmosphere that gets everyone in the mood to party down and enjoy life…

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      I am doing a shark theme for dakota’s first and a ladybug for Scarletts first birthdays. Our whole family are shark freaks lol and his nursery theme is sharks and underwater life.

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        That’s so cute! I was fascinated by sharks as a kid. I still am!

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      It depends on the occasion!

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      I think it’s fun to have a theme.

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      yes i would pick a theme because it gives details opon what the party is about

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      what is the gathering for

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      theme parties like children more

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      I love decorating and often go with the theme of the season, holiday, what’s popular with the kids…

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      Depending on the product yes I would pick a theme or try and color code to the brand of the products. It makes it look more festive this way I feel.

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      Themes should be directly linked to the product.

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      Ask what they want then think of idea in my head and create myself so much cheaper then buying name brand and means more to the kids and the decor is perfect as suvioner gifts for party guest

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      I have only had one theme party so far. I did taco night for a camera sample party. Because everyone loves tacos and it made it fun!

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      All my parties have themes. I love throwing parties for my kids and for samplings.

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      I personally don’t do any character type themes, I just incorporate colors that sort of create a “themed” atmosphere

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      it depends on who the party is for. SOmetimes i do and sometimes i dont

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      It depends on the party. Sometimes it’s themed for kids, adults or both.

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      It would depend on the party.

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      I usually pick a theme to go with the product. It just makes it more fun

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      I think it’s fun to have a theme

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      Great ideas online!

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