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      Hi Moms,

      For those who are going to the WOW Summit, how are you traveling? Are you bringing your kids? How long are you staying? Are you staying at the Gaylord or somewhere else nearby? Any travel tips with a baby?

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      I’m so excited!

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      Hi Denise,
      Just traveling by car, w/o kids is best if you can swing it, that way you can fully really engage & take a breather 🙂 babies are always welcome and most moms just sit in the back, they are no problem. Staying at the hotel where the conference is at is easiest. I will be arriving a day early to enjoy Maryland and then leaving Sat. when the conference is over. It is always a great, relaxing time where you can engage with other moms & meet new mom friends 🙂

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      I’ll have my baby this year but kid free is best so you can really focus! Also-if you can drive do it because there are a TON of giveaways!!!!!

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      I’m bringing the hubby and my 3 yr old and staying at the hotel. I’m staying Thurs and Friday and leaving Saturday when it’s over. Hubby and my toddler will enjoy the pool and the National Harbor while I enjoy the Summit. Little mini vacation for them. I’m hoping there’s playgrounds near by too where he can play with some other kids.

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      I live less than an hour’s drive away – in Northern Virginia – but am staying at the hotel so I can be fully invested in this. I am driving up Friday morning after the beltway traffic slows and staying until Sunday. I wanted time to focus on the vendors and then have Saturday night to just decompress in the hotel room and to review my notes. Then I will head home on Sunday to be with my hubby and little ones.

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