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    I am looking for the best probiotic to take!

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    depends on what you want the probiotic for.. there’s a range of probiotics and also a number of different results to seek

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    Yogurt is great for that. I try to eat it everyday. There are also other supplements out there you can take. Like Mary Burns said, it depends on what you want it for.

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    yogurt is great and also sauerkraut and pickled food, kimchi.

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    My kids love Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt with Honey. Sometimes we had granola. Easy for the kids to put together before school or even a snack.

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    thanks ladies!

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    My kids love the taste of Belive Probiotic gummies. The flavors are strawberry and orange.

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    Nice read.

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    Nice one.

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    Yogurt is great!

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    Good yogurt is a must!

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