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    What was the highest reading for your glucose ever been? How did you feel?

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    My daughter is diabetic and when she was diagnosed she was 1164. The poor thing looked like she had the flu. When she is sick her sugar can get so high her meter won’t even read it, and it is so tricky, because she will go for low to high and you never know which way it will go.

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    Make sure to speak with your doctor

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    My highest was way over 1500–as I was told. My kidney’s failed and I went into a coma for a few days. When I awoke in the hospital’s ICU I found out that I was diabetic along with some other things. Around this time I felt hot, so hot that it became unbearable. I tried many ways to try to cool myself down and nothing worked. I also noticed that I had to pee and awful lot–like every ten minutes. I had no idea what was happening to me until I woke up in the hospital surrounded by ppl running tests and I saw all the tubes/lines every where telling me that I am fortunate to be alive, because I came into the hospital in such a critical condition…

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    My son has T1D since 1years old and he was in dka with high blood glucose of 1,150 ish. Such a poor baby. Its effects the brain as well praying for cure.

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    My husband was diagnosed age 5, he is so brave! He said the highest his ever went was in the 600’s and he had to be admitted for ketones. They sell the test kits which are handy to keep readily available.

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    My moms was over 500!!

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