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    I wanted to start this forum topic to create a place for mom’s struggling with raising a child with a mood disorder. My son is now 14 years old and I’ve been through it all from hospital stays to a gazillion med changes. It has been hard and one thing that I know really helped me cope is knowing that I’m not alone and there are so many others going through the same issues. Just hearing stories about anything really….good days, bad days, sad days etc. Also having a place for mom’s to offer non bias advice to one another with no judgment. I myself also have a degree in psychology and work with individuals with emotional disturbance so I have a lot of experience in the field. I also love hearing ideas from others to add to the knowledge I already have. So share away and please don’t judge this is a place for support

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    I love this post. I am a foster parent for children with emotional and behavioral disorders as well as an RN on an adult inpatient mental health unit. I have one adopted child who is 17 and has severe behavioral and emotional disturbances as well as an 8 year old with a sensory processing disorder and anxiety. He has a lot of ups and downs and we have had to focus our lives on coping with their needs and altering our environment and approach to life in order to avoid emotional disturbances and increased stress on their physical and mental well-being. It is really tough some days and it is easy to feel isolated and alone when days are more challenging than others. I have found myself alone in my car sitting in the parking lot of a store crying alone not wanting to go in, but not wanting to go home. Feeling completely alone but not wanting to be by anyone at all. Thankful for a second of silence but begging myself to pull it together and not overthink things. To stop questioning what I have done wrong, how I could have changed their situation, wondering what other parents and family members think of me and questioning what I can do to improve their quality of life. I also think its important to point out that I have sat amidst the chaos and smiled, laughed, and embraced the life and children that I have been blessed with. I have been reminded with the random hug, quick smile, or quiet “mom thank you for loving me even when I am naughty,” that I am truly blessed and that even on the tough days, they need me and I need them. Together we are a team and despite the ups and downs, we are experiencing this world of challenges together. The best advice I can give to any parent or caregiver who has a child with any form of behavioral or emotional health issue is to take care of yourself and allow yourself time to breathe. Find someone to talk to about your feelings, it is ok to not DO IT ALONE! Your mental health is so important! Take time for you so when your caring for your child, you can give them your best effort and don’t build up animosity based on the situation.

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      I’m so glad that you were able to share your story as well. I agree that one thing that has kept me sane is talking to others as well as taking care of myself. I always say to people when your on an airplane and the Oxygen masks drop down who are you supposed to put the mask on first?

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    so tough

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    so difficult

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    B J

    This is a great blog. Being able to talk to others with similar issues, which are so hard to go through along.

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      Thank you, I hope that others are able to share their stories.

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    great post

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    I just created a post about this topic and then came across this blog so I’m going to tell my story here as well in hopes someone has advice to offer. Please know as you read this that I truly am trying my best to catch this behavior as or before it happens to avoid this situation… I have a 3yo and 1yr boy and my 1yo has terrible tantrums. I try not to yell and raise my voice but when he’s doing something he shouldn’t be simply telling him “no” and explaining why he shouldn’t do it does not work. I often have to pick him up and move him or take whatever he has that he shouldn’t off of him. This sends him into a spiral. He finds the nearest solid object and bashes his head off of it until I pick him up or he gets his way. It’s gotten to the point where as soon as I hear any signs of him doing this I need to run and grab him because we found out quickly he doesn’t stop when it hurts. I thought his crib would be a safe place to give him a timeout one day and I was so wrong. After about 5 minutes of his tantrum I went back in to check on him and had repeatedly hit his head so head so hard he was bleeding! Not like a gash bleeding but a bump and skin rubbed off. I made him and appointment with his pediatrician to ask what I should do and make sure he’s ok. The doctors answer was that this is a phase that he will grow out of. She was not at all concerned and just brushed me off. This is practically a daily occurance and I could use any advice!

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    Good read.

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    You’re posts are very informative. We have been having a few Behavioral issues with my 5 year old and we have been trying to get to the bottom of the problem.

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    Great blog. It is nice to know we are not alone on this issues.

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