5 Reasons Your Kids Should Try Organic Pajamas

Family Fun & Activities, Sampling Fun | June 8, 2021

As parents, we all know bedtime can be challenging. From completing your kids’ evening routine to making sure they get enough sleep, parents have a lot to be mindful of each night. To help your kids catch some Z’s, make sure they’re wearing comfortable pajamas. 

Our Blog Ambassadors were recently given the opportunity to try Pact Dream Big Pajamas for kids. See what their families thought about the sleepwear. 

1. Made of 100% Organic Cotton

“My oldest son, now four years old, has very sensitive skin. If he wears any fabric other than cotton, he starts to get itchy and gets very uncomfortable. So I had to change the way I shop, especially for his pajamas, which is an item he spends lots of hours in. When he was a little baby, I was introduced to Pact. Their pajamas are made with 100% organic cotton that is GOTS certified, soft and breathable without toxic chemicals. No matter your kids’ ages, changing into pajamas can anchor a bedtime routine, and having soft and cozy 100% organic cotton pajamas keeps them comfortable through the night.” – Jaqueline Spadoni

2. Breathable Fabric

“My daughter was pleased with the comfort and snuggle feeling it gave her. The pajamas weren’t tight where they had no room to breathe and they weren’t loose where it would leave room for air to go in throughout the night. My son, on the other side, sweats a lot during the night. Even when we put him in short sleeves and shorts, he tends to sweat through them. But he didn’t seem to sweat too much in these (not sure how he will do in warmer summer weather but we’ll try it then too).” – Enlightened Elisa

3. Snug Fit + Tagless Labels

“Some of my favorite features about the pajamas were ensuring the safety and comfort of my toddler! Each pair of pajamas features tagless labels to prevent discomfort and irritation (which is HUGE for us because Liam suffers from eczema and almost always has irritation rashes from something) and they have a snug fit with easy pull-on waistbands (perfect for potty training).” – Macie Satterfield

“They have a pull-on waistband to make it easy for kids to dress themselves and they have a snug fit for safety with banded cuffs and the wrists and ankles. They’re pre-washed and shrink resistant so you know you’ll get a good fit. The quality is top notch so you’ll be passing these pajamas down from kid to kid. They’re comfy for sleep and play. You may just find that your kids won’t want to take them off!” – Little Hiccups

4. Fun, Kid-Friendly Prints

“I let Isabella pick out her pajama pattern herself since this toddler loves having a say, and she gleefully chose the Rainbows/Tea Rose combo. This was a great choice if I do say so myself, but they offer a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. The pajamas come in size 18 month through size 10 years—taking you from early toddler years through childhood.” – Healthy Chicks

5. A Brand Focused on Sustainability

“Pact jammies are eco-friendly! They’re Fair Trade Certified, which means they’re made under the most humane, environmentally conscious conditions. Plus, Pact makes their clothing with organic cotton so there are no toxic chemicals and they take 91% less water to manufacture than conventional cotton. Isn’t it fun finding new ways to care for the planet?” – The Cinnamon Mom

About Pact

Pact is an apparel company on a mission to make Earth’s Favorite™ Clothing. Their products are made of organic cotton (to support a healthy planet) and manufactured by a Fair Trade certified factory (to take care of the people on this planet). By using natural farming practices and contributing to Fair Trade initiatives, Pact creates clothing that is better for the world, and better for your family.

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