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    I think I’m too late to start this year, but I am also interested in gardening for the first time

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    No one can really tell you what’s best for you or your family. The best thing to do is to research each vaccine for yourself and wait to vaccinate until you are 100% sure of your decision. You can vaccinate at any time, but you can never take them back if you decide they are not what’s best for you or your children.

    They don’t publicly advertise it much, but vaccines are not actually required for school..Every state allows medical exemptions. Almost every state also allows religious exemptions and/or philosophical/personal exemptions. The only exceptions are California, West Virginia, and Mississippi – they only allow medical exemptions.

    You can look up the exemptions in your state here.

    Also, if you decide that you do not want to vaccinate, family doctors are generally more accepting of that than pediatricians. Pediatricians get bonuses from their insurance for having all their patients fully vaccinated, so they often push them harder than other doctors.

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    I let my kids pick their birthday party themes as soon as they are old enough to talk – before that, I base it on what things/characters they seem to enjoy.

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    Love and support your children no matter what. Being transgender isn’t a choice – it’s just how some people are born. Understand that your child knows who they are and just be accepting and love them.

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    I’m currently reading:

    1. Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy by Judd Apatow

    2. The YES Brain: How to cultivate courage, curiosity, and resilence in your child by Daniel Siegel, MD

    3. Tomorrow will be different by Sarah McBride

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    Hi, I live near Muncie – in Blackford County.

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    No, sorry. I live near Muncie. I hope you’re able to find some local friends though 🙂

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    Hi, I live near Muncie (Ball State University).

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    I have anxiety and really don’t like to get away from my kids, but when I need a break, usually taking a nice, hot bath helps me feel recharged.

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    Hi, everyone!

    Can’t wait to check out all of yours! Mine is a pro-Intersectional one (Pro LGBTQ+, Pro BLM, etc)

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    There are a few that we have really loved –

    Paleo Snickerdoodle cookies

    Paleo Snickerdoodles

    NO Bake Cookies – we make these with and without chocolate and it’s delicious both ways

    Also, in all of our recipes, we always replace sugar with coconut sugar.

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    I allow my kids to play games. We homeschool and like to find creative ways to learn 🙂

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