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    Mt Clemens here. I work at Home Depot full time and hubs works at Costco.

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    I gave up trying with my now 15 year old. about 4 years ago, I enrolled her in an online academy and without literally sitting there watching her the whole 5 or so hours, she would not do anything. She would go on random websites and claim she was “researching” or watching youtube videos and claiming they were part of her lesson. After one year, I gave up and put her back into regular school. I think when they’re younger, its easier, and if you can get them focused at a young age, its different. Otherwise, you need to be prepared to watch them like a hawk and supervise the entire school day. This is why I now have so much respect for teachers. I couldnt do it.

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    I have been working full time for many many years now and find that even though I deal with the public a bit more than I prefer, I still wouldnt want to stay at home. I need a break from my kids or I will lose it.

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    IM pretty confused as to what age you’re supposed to start getting them. Breast cancer runs on my moms side of the family. My grandmother had it, my aunt had it and my mom was tested for the marker for it. My OBGYN doesnt seem to interested, nor did my hematologist, but I dont know when Im actually supposed to be getting mammograms.

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    Does he have any fetishes that you know of? Like, honestly, most men like something pretty weird but without asking, you would never know. Ask him what really turns him on and be open to actually hearing/practicing some of it. That will REALLY spice up the bedroom

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    Is anyone else doing Keto as a family? I have an 8 year old Im trying to get away from the carb overload he’s used to, and its hard. He doesnt want to eat healthy things. My 15 year old is fine with it, my husband is too. I just cant figure out how to get my 8 year old to eat more varieties of foods. Any suggestions?

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    I was never able to, and I found that Mirena made me super moody, and paragard made my periods horrible. I switched to Nuvaring and was good for about 7 years and then they think it triggered a Pulmonary Embolism. I just started the Keto diet, and I know that some people who have had issues losing weight before have lost good amounts. Its hard to stick to, but works. Hope it helps!

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    I just started with my whole family, and its going… eh… okay. Of course we havent completely phased out all carbs. I know everyone says to just go “all in” but I have an 8 year old that wont allow that.

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