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    Water is so amazing for weightless!!

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    Definitely a routine! I’ve homeschooled my second grader til now and I will admit there’s times we have fallen behind because you can create your own schedule and I tend to keep things really relaxed. I feel school should be fun to learn about and really hands on not reading a book or screen half the day 🙄 We use our Florida Virtual School Flex program here and it’s amazing for getting the state requirements in but getting to learn freely.

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    Now relax ♥️ This is completely NORMAL and common and it will not last forever.

    We’ve gone through the exact same. My children wouldn’t eat probably for DAYS if I didn’t give in. My husband also agrees with yours. I’m too scared to test the theory although my doctor told me he won’t starve himself to death and eventually will give in. I have a 4 year old and 2 year old doing this right now, I assume the 4 year old is following the 2 year old. Prayers your new babe doesn’t struggle with this♥️
    I’ve read that sometimes you have to offer a new food to a child so many times (maybe like 15) before they actually try it!

    I’ve been loading them up on multivitamins and it works greens chews! So at least I know if they’re not eating much they’re getting their vitamins a d daily veggies!!

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    Thanks for these tips!!

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    I’ve joined several couponing groups on Facebook and I’ve been stocking up!!

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    Definitely appreciate the info ladies!
    I’ve found couponing is really satisfying for feeling like I contribute with my husband and it’s definitely helpful saving money on the things we need!

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    I don’t have much to say because I struggle myself but hugs for your friend and best of wishes ♥️

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    Never and literally mean never had a date night in 6+ years!

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