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    Go fishing

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    I have been trying to find a way to.

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    Smaller the better. All you need is the people that matter to come. My wedding with my ex husband we had only maybe 20 people come. It was perfect. It was only our close friends and family. I am doing the same for when me n my boyfriend ever get married.

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    I received a promo code for some beautiful card company if you would like it

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    With my oldest we just had to get a little strict on him. We would go to the bathroom every hour and ask him to try to poop or pee. We would sit there for 15/30 minutes if we had to. I went to training underwear instead of pull ups unless we were out somewhere. Just not giving up was our success with him. We started at 2 and he was potty trained by 2 1/2. He would try to out smart us. Unfortunately, he still to this day trys us on everything.

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    how do I manage motherhood and romance together? Honestly what is romance? Come on momma’s. I gave up on that after having my first.😂 My man works alot of hours and I’m a stay at home mom. We have a 11 year old, 5 year old and a one year, that are all boys. So our house stays wild non-stop. By the time he gets home from work, and the boys are in bed, I’m touched out exhausted. He usually passes out before I even come to bed, since he gets up at 3 in the morning. We just do our “duties” randomly when we can and have the chance. Us being romantic is never. We don’t do dates, hell us talking is mainly on the phone. When our oldest two are both at their other parents house, and his mom watches the baby for us, we will go fishing together. We also are in the process of doing wood work together on the weekends and he plans on starting to make fishing baits to sell. So that is our dating life. Making time just to spend some alone time together when we can. It might sound horrible. But through the craziness, it works for us. I’m not a wine n dine kind of girl. And he’s not the romantic type of guy. We’re both the kind of person that enjoys just being in others company and not have to be kissing and touching each other to be romantic.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)