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    Thanks! They sound delicious

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    How old is your grandson?

    I think it’s a personal choice. I am religious but I don’t go to church every sunday. My mom and grandmother go all the time. My husband was raised if he wanted to go he could. His father came from a family who drank a lot and his parents sent him to church as a baby sitter. My father in law told my husband at an early age as long as he believes he can go if he wants to.

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    That’s so good to here.
    Glad to help.

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    My friend showed me a trick with her son. He wouldn’t eat green beans so she would put them in ziti. He started eating them.

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    My husband quit smoking by using dum dum lollipops. Everytime he wanted to smoke he would put a dum dum in his mouth. The stick reminded him of the cigarette.

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    Don’t make a big deal. Make it casual. Order pizza and have some wine. Make it comfortable and casual. Don’t stress over it.

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    When you feel comfortable. Don’t rush it. I waited 2 months before my parents met me b/f (who is now my husband). I wanted to make sure it was serious before I brought him around my parents.

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    My husband and I work different shifts. He goes in at 630am and gets out at 3pm and I go in at 12 and get out at 6pm. I have the kids in the morning. I feed them breakfast and lunch. He has the kids around dinner time. When I get home we tag team bed time. Once the kids are in bed when spend and hour or so together before he needs to go to bed. I do the laundry and the dishes. On the weekends we spend it as a family at a local camp ground.

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    I’m allergic to Red Dye. I know how you feel. It sucks

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    I use Ibotta (app), Receipt hog (app), Receipt pal (app),, i write letters to companies, I get coupons from company websites and coupons from the store websites.

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    I’m in New York and I’m available to talk anytime.

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    Intra-utero growth restrictions. Basically it’s where the baby is having troubles getting nutrients from the mother.

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    Always have Date night once a month! It’s good for you both!!

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