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    Numerous things my husband and I do for date nights, like going out to eat at a fast food resteraunt actually going inside, ordering, and sitting down to eat. We also have movie nights cuddling up to eachother. We have candle lit surprise dinners with rose petals and a bubble bath etc. We do lots of things to make eachother feel loved and important.

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    Honestly roleplay is an awesome thing to spice things up, acting out different scenarios. Also read a sexy book outloud to eachother. Candles and rose petals and music playing. Whip cream is great too for added sensual feel. And toys are a good touch. And try to be spontaneous and unexpected! Lingerie is great as well. Teasing beforehand, and even some things like a blindfold, handcuffs etc.

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    I would talk to him about how you feel communication is key! Let him know how hurt you feel and exactly what you would like him to stop doing. I agree with you though I am a private person as well and I like my buisness to stay between him and I not the whole world because sometimes we say things we don’t mean out of anger, both of us, and I don’t want him going around telling people only the bad things. It sounds like he wants attention and sympathy from others, like everyone to be on HIS side of the fight or argument. I would really try talking to him.

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    I honestly hear all the time how couples have grown apart in the romance department and I can’t relate. I am going on my third child and my husband and my romance is still like the day we first met (we haven’t been a single day apart since we first met either). We take time out for eachother, bubble baths together while the kids sleep, movie nights, we write eachother love notes at random, surprise candle lit dinners. We talk alot, communication is big for us, anything that is bothering us or is on our minds we talk about it because holding in something like that can become a bigger issue. We also never go to bed angry we always make up before we go to sleep. Also at least once a month we have my aunt watch the kids for us and we go out on a date, no not an expensive fancy date, more like a Wendy’s or McDonald’s date, we go inside sit down and eat and just talk and laugh and enjoy eachothers company. Love, time, and compromise is so important too. If he wants to go to a car show I will go with a smile on my face even though it isn’t something I am particularly fond of, and if i want to go to a craft fair he goes too without a fuss, because we know that is what makes the other person happy and we want eachother to be happy and not miserable all the time. We also cut toxic people from our lives, people always acting jealous towards our relationship, or trying to tear us apart just because what they had with their significant other didn’t work out, and we are fine with that, we just had to realize there really are people out there like that. I always love hearing good things about people’s relationships, it makes me very happy knowing they are happy as well. Anyways sorry for the ramble 😊

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    I always am finding new things to do with my kids, I like arts and crafts most because there are hundreds of things you can do! I also have them help with cooking letting them help in the kitchen gets them excited to eat and try new things. Also big thing for my family we are always outside on nice days going to the park, out for a swim, cooking out, playing etc. I also love reading new books to my kids and letting them color! There are so many things to do I can’t list them all, but keeping them entertained and learning and exploring new things is always important.

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    I take a bubble batn, when the kids nap I do my nails and I do a face mask etc. I think it is very important to take time out for me so that way I don’t get burned out. Kids can tell when your stressed and it can affect them too so if it’s just watching a show I like or relaxing in the tub I am always taking a time out to recharge.

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