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    your welcome

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    get the patches. when I was in the hospital for a few days that what they gave me and I did not crave a cig at all

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    you take surveys, data entry transcribe. it has so many different types of hits(tasks) the pay is low but you can get personal invites for higher paying hits. you can get paid to your Amazon account or get it directly deposited to your bank. you can google amazon mturk and it will let you more and you can apply it takes 48 to 72 hours to get an email if you are accepted or not. it is really easy and fun. one advice if you do apply never do anything under .10 you won’t make money fast unless you have all day to do it, but you can make some money if you do the ones that pay over .10 and are no longer than 15 minutes

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    I also use swagbucks
    They have surveys but I stay away from those ot seems impossible to qualify for one but I do the offer deals. Best ones are the discover. You can do free trails and earn a good bit. You can cash out to a virtual prepaid Visa or PayPal. They also have amazon gift cards. If you shop online join ebates or top cash. It’s a cash back reward website

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    Layacat mom I also do amazon mturk and love it. It’s great. If you get tired of doing it for awhile your “job” is still there. I’ve signed up lionbridge but it confuses me. Was it easy to apply for the ad evaluator? Any tips for lionbridge website?

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    I’m sure this has been said but coupon. After having my daughter couponing helped so much. Now it’s a way of life lol. If you have an instagram there are some amazing couponers willing to show you the ropes. Facebook has couponing groups as well as amazon promo code group. Swagbucks is awesome to help bring in a little money. Can also find the best swagbucks deals from couponers on Instagram. Always buy clearance. After Christmas I always go for the paper plates. Saves on the water bill. You can buy your meat in family size and divide it up. During the day I hardly have the lights on. Look at your power company peak hours to see when its cheapest to run the washer and dryer. Also join as many reward programs like at grocery stores. Some have it where you spend so much on groceries you save on gas. Join cashback websites like ebates and top cash. Hopefully this helps someone and sorry if I’m all over the place lol

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    Hi, thanks u I’ll look into that. I really want to do customer support through online chat/email but I cant seem to find anything

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    we do as well in Alabama but I can only find the seasonal customer service unless I’m overlooking. Do you work for Amazon at home?

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