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    Here’s some suggestions: 1. I’m sure you have educated your daughter about her milk protein allergy, help her to advocate for herself and provide alternatives food products that she can have ~pack them in her book bag. If she can’t eat the school lunches, it may be best for her to bring her lunch. 2. Find another mom in her class or school that has a child allergic to a food product, talk with the other mom or moms to gain and provide support to each other. 3. My daughter has asthma and the school staff couldn’t understand why she could don’t perform certain physical activities, especially when the class when outdoor in the cold weather. Solution: She did a science project on asthma and when she presented it to her teachers and classmates, she passed out drinking straws and ask the class to breathe through the straws. She then asked if it was difficult to breathe through the straws and everyone nodded yes, from that day, everyone in her class understood.

    Hang in there, keep educating and provide alternatives.

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