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    I let my kids pick and just try to roll with it. My oldest two are 12 days apart so since they’re young I combine their parties. We have some trucks and tutus, paw patrol and blaze, and the last one was Dunkin’ Donuts and Legos lol it was fun! I do half the decorations in one theme and half with the other. It’s always managed to blend nice.

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    I would take the good with the bad. Hopefully there is good! My mother in law is the most wonderful grandmother in the world so even when she does get angry with me or bitter over things I just let it roll over. I try to imagine what it must be like in her shoes, I have two sons so I know I’m going to have to let my boys go to someone else someday. Hope it eventually does get better for you! I’m on five years and still get blamed for a lot of things that happen lol

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    My pediatrician told me six months to a year is a good time. If there are no history of allergies in the family of course. with a history of allergies you want to wait and you want to introduce at a time the office is open. My son has severe eczema and they said this comes with a high chance of random food allergies. He wants us to introduce peanuts before a year but he told me to call the office when I am about to do it so they are aware we are trying it and to keep a spot open for us incase he does have a reaction. It is usually the third exposure to an allergen that can cause more severe reactions, the first allergic reaction usually isnt as bad and it will progressively get worse with repeated exposure.

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    I would ask your primary physician for a referral to an allergist. My husband and I never really battled allergies but our 8 month old is seemingly allergic to EVERYTHING. Turns out its a dairy sensitivity and I have to really watch my diet (it is coming through the breastmilk). He has an appt with an allergist soon so we can really figure out which products to avoid and go from there.

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    Yes it is so important to teach them how to control it! Such a terrible thing to deal with.

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    I agree with making your own, also they’re pricey but The Honest Company and Method are reputable brands. I use Seventh Generation and like them a lot.

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    My son has allergic eczema and breaks out in hives constantly. We use Burt’s bees sunscreen on him and it works great!

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    Schedule trips around nap/bed time so you can get as far as you can while baby sleeps (especially if you’re driving) IPads are great you can get Netflix and now download movies so you don’t need WiFi to work it. You can use on a plane in airplane mode. I also buy new toys and bust them out when meltdowns are starting, usually a good distraction. Depending on age sometimes a bag of chocolate chips can go a long way or another type of favorite treat they don’t have often.

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    One of my favorites is baked chicken topped with bruschetta and mozzarella, drizzled with balsamic glaze

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    I love organic apple cider vinegar it works really well for me to help aid in weight loss and give me an overall better sense of well being. 2 tbsp 2x a day diluted in whatever you can stand it with. I can only tolerate it in Welch’s grape juice lol

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    It’s very confusing I buy by reading labels and going by what I already know. Use the dirty dozen list with produce and then for other things I buy what I like based on the ingredients list.

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    Guacamole, hummus with pretzels, celery with peanut butter, you can google recipes for healthy no bake cookies or protein balls my kids usually tolerate those

    in reply to: How do you deal with picky eaters? #36189

    I try my best to only keep healthy snack options in the house and let the kids pick from those. It’s a hard battle already and my kids are five and three. My husband eats almost nothing while I eat anything so i like to blame him lol

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    Rice Krispies treats, chocolate chip cookies, we LOVE doing sugar cookie cutouts and then decorating them but that is a lot of work and a big mess lol

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    Not sure how far this would be but we did Washington DC with a 2 year old and 6 month old and it was fantastic!! All of the museums are free so we went to six different places over three days and being we didn’t pay admission if there was a meltdown we could leave and either go back or find something else to do once it was over. Restaurants were pricey but being activities were free it really didn’t matter too much. Also we stayed outside of the city and took a train in. Our double stroller did great everywhere we went so with one little one you’d be fine!

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