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    They have you tube videos on how to build one in the ground so the smell doesn’t get to you..and the worms show up on there own!

    in reply to: Yoga daily #79040

    I need to start especially with a teething baby!

    in reply to: Pros and Cons #72419

    I’m thinking about doing this when my son gets older the only downside I see is interactions with other kids..the “real world” not just our house. To have the opportunities to make friends and learn the realities of the outside world. Thoughts on this??

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    Scallop tattoo!!

    in reply to: Two parent family, both work. Where do we find balance? #71455

    Take time when you can…either for yourself or your spouse..everything means more now! I’m happy once in a while were he watches the baby and I get a haircut or GROCERY shop by myself!! For times together are far and few in between BUT if you can spend a little bit of time after the kids go to bed just talking(not about kid stuff) but life and a glass of wine…well that’s just special!!

    in reply to: help ladies #70858

    thank you!

    in reply to: Finding and KEEPING friends #70601

    I think everyone feels that way at one point or another regardless of age! Ill be your buddy!

    in reply to: tasty & healthy smoothie #70599

    Dates are awesome to add to smoothies too!

    in reply to: flabby arms #70182

    When you find out let me know!

    in reply to: herbs #70181

    I like the raised gardens outside. I grow lavender in with my vegetables as well to keep the bugs away. It is also great to dry in your kitchen and have your whole house smell great!

    in reply to: Homemade household cleaners #70180

    I started doing this years ago! Not only is it cost effective but its better then breathing in all those chemicals as well as most cleaning products ARE tested on animals. So I say go for it! Pinterest has the best ideas..and for window cleaner stick to the rubbing alcohol based ones.

    in reply to: Great idea #70179

    Becky, what ideas do you need help with? If its with this site and getting chosen more often please let ME know!! Lol

    in reply to: What do you do for “me time”? #70177

    Hot bath with LUSH..LARGE glass of wine and some relaxing music with the door closed! Nothing Better in this world!

    in reply to: I really want to start doing this! #70175

    You can get a plastic container for this at places like Big Lots or Lowes! I love mine! I have one that spins! You don’t even need to put red worms in, they find there way!

    in reply to: help ladies #70172

    Great ideas! I’ll have to try!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)