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    when my son would have bad dreams and wake up, he didn’t want to go back to sleep. So, I went and got a spray plastic bottle, filled it half way with water, and added a drop or two of blue food coloring. I gave it to my son and told him it was a special spray to keep away monsters. His eyes got big as saucers. He sprayed under his bed, by the window and in his closet, then he sprayed at the bottom of the bed. He asked if he could keep it next to the bed, just in case. He actually slept through the night! He swears the monster spray works. You could add a few drops of lavender essential oil to it, or whatever scent you think you’re child would like.

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    I drink about a gallon of water a day. I exercise at least 9 hours a week. What I need is something to take away the craving at night. I’m limited to aquatic classes due to disability. I walk in the therapy pool back and forth, among taking HIT classes at least 3 times a week. Help!!

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    Yes!!! For those who think they’re too busy, or don’t have time, YOU’RE WRONG!!! This is so relaxing! I taught my Mom (she’s 87) and she was always tired, couldn’t sleep and chalked it up to being 87. I noticed that she was just shallow breathing, never taking a deep breath. She said she felt weird doing this, but I had her doing it alongside me. When I talked to her the next morning, she told me she had done it twice more before going to bed. When she got up, she said she felt rested. She also said she was more “clear headed”. She’s been doing this for about 2 weeks, and says she feels alert and happy.

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    LOL My mom always had to show up with SOMETHING when she visited. It drove me and hubby crazy! She felt he “needed” something from her. I told her he would rather DO something with her, rather than play with something that would inevitably break. Going to the park, to the movies, or just let him help bake in the kitchen or cook. His great grandma was always baking and he loves to roll out dough for cinnamon rolls, or pie crust. I had bought him child size rolling pins, etc. Mom Mom went and got him is own regular size rolling pin, and cookie cutters, etc. That worked for a few months, then my Mom reverted back to showing up with presents. I told her to give him books. That way, I’d just set them aside, and then donate them to a classroom, etc. It’s like fighting a losing battle, lol. When he got a little older, I would tell her he would rather go to a local baseball camp for 3 days. That way she got to give him something, and he actually got something he really wanted.

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    I second freecyle.org. Schools are always looking for jars and bottles, etc. Aside from people who are crafty and always come up with ideas.

    Yes, my daughter in law. They’ve done all the Basal charts, followed all doctor’s orders. She conceived and then they lost the baby. Both were/are heartbroken. They are now starting IVF.

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    I have both perspectives now. I used to exercise three times a week, was active and in great shape. A week before my scheduled mastectomy I was in a horrible auto accident with a drunk driver. My life as I knew it was over. I was a cook/manager on my feet for 8-10 hours a day. Now I can’t work. I can’t walk without a cane, memory loss. Exercise is out of the question, my knees were messed up during the accident. I’ve gained weight and asked my doctor about diet pills. He gave me Phentermine. It has worked, the only drawback is I have to see him every month for a refill and it’s $97.50 to see him plus the cost of the pills. So, I can attest that Phentermine DOES work.

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