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    Getting many tips in different topics in these forums. Thanks MomsMeet Family!

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    My eldest one is like you were. I realized I was going crazy with her behaviour and it was just getting worse. Urget changes were needed… I started working on her understanding of emotions, how she was feeling and showing her I acknowleged the way she was feeling. I looked online and I found some charts of emotions. I made one for her and always when she gets angry or sad we go to the chart, put the arrow on the emotion of that moment and start thinking together what we can do to move the arrow to ‘happy’. When she does something I don’t like, i also take her to the chat and show her how I feel at that moment. And she started, recently, also asking me what she can do to change my feeling to ‘happy’. It has been working much better than I thought!

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    Not homeschooling yet, but thinking about it. My kids are still too small. During the day, to keep them focused on what they are doing and also give them (some) control of what to do, i give them 2 options of activities and, whatever they choose, it will last 30min. So far, it has been working well.

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    Maybe his concern is about hiring a company to fix up. Maybe there are some small DIY projects that you can do it together. It will not be a money-free project, but definitely will save you a lot of money

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    What type of inhaler are you talking about?

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    Poway, San Diego County

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