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  • in reply to: How to deal with FIL and my daughter. #406520

    Always trust your instinct. I would have a serious talk with your fiance and then set clear boundaries with the extended family!

    in reply to: Favorite crafts to do with things you have at home. #214468

    We love painting our own wine glasses and coffee mugs. Its very inexpensive and so much fun!

    in reply to: Stronger you with avocado #210583

    Sounds healthy and tasty!! Thank you!

    in reply to: Mammograms #210240

    With no family history you should start at 40 but Im not sure in your case! They are quick and uncomfortable, but it only last lasts a minute and is worth it

    in reply to: Blogger Forum #208661

    I have found a new love for blogging….my problem is I have so many things I want to talk about that I get underwhelmed and then cant choose and do nothing .

    in reply to: Things to do at home to save money #208653

    These are all great ideas to save some money!!! I havent ever found a home made laundry recipe that got my clothes clean though!

    in reply to: Budget advice #182646

    Budgeting is hard! If you write every single purchase down, you may see things that add up little by little that you dont need or things you could purchase cheaper in bulk. Always put a certain amount aside for emergencies

    in reply to: St Patty's Day recipe ideas #136733

    With St Pattys day around the corner, Ill be following and looking up more recipes!! Smokey potato soup sounds great though!

    in reply to: Things to do at home to save money #135857

    Im trying to make household cleaners that are healthier for everyone at home!! They work so much better and green products can be so expensive at the stores!

    in reply to: herbs #135512

    I love an herb garden but last years was a major fail!!!! Ill try again in the spring 🙂

    in reply to: Still healing #134991

    That first step is the hardest!! I havent quite figured out how to push myself out the front door without looking back!

    in reply to: Blogger Forum #133346

    Ill be following you!!

    in reply to: Family Game Nights #132831

    We LOVE family game night but we tend to get a bit too competitive!! Monopoly, parcheesi, yatzee!!! All of our faves!!

    in reply to: It's hard to make friends #132341

    Yes….then I overcompensate and overshare….sigh….better to stay home!!

    in reply to: Are you comfortable bringing it up? #129123

    Knowing what they are or are not teaching at school gives me the push to teach what I know is necessary for healthy and smart growth in those crucial years!!

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