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    Always when I read about things made by my own hands, I start to think about whether I can do the same. What kind of ornaments do you make? I do them with children, they like it even more than not.

    in reply to: I need to lose weight #389694

    I can only advise you to stop eating a lot of sugar, eat balanced, first on a calorie deficit to lose weight. Take a look at Tabata training as well. They are short and intensive, you will like it. But remember that nutrition is 80% of success.

    in reply to: Are there any Stay-at-home Mom with (Cold) Calling Job? #385388

    Hello! I am familiar with this problem, children are constantly demanding attention, and it took me time to teach them to play from another room. Phone work failed and it is too difficult when there are two children with questions “Who is it?” and “What is it?”. Now I work at home and write articles, and I have time to play with children. I think it is wonderful.

    in reply to: working moms #385387

    Why did you feel bad? Because of the heavy load? Some people are frustrated by the fact that they do not spend much time with their children. I am often criticized for working, but I don’t feel good without my work. Of course, it is difficult but allows me to live actively.

    in reply to: Finding and KEEPING friends #385383

    Hi! It is good that you bring up such a topic. Now many people feel lonely because of quarantine when there is no opportunity to communicate with loved ones, friends. We all lack communication, and calls and correspondence are not quite the right thing to do. I have two children and it is unreal for me to be lonely, but sometimes I don’t have enough time just to talk, share problems, get advice. It is good that we have a forum where we can share our thoughts.

    in reply to: New Activities to do with Kids… #381984

    At the quarantine, my children and I put a lot of lego, most of the details were lost. Then they saw a 3D pen in the store. It’s unrealistically cool. I thought it will be used only by the eldest son, but the younger also makes dinosaur figures, and they turn out very cool. As I understand it’s also suitable for adults. we have a great time together. You can check it here I wanted to send a picture of a dinosaur but I can’t find how to do it. If someone knows, let me know, please.

    in reply to: too much from grandparents? #381303

    As it was in my childhood, grandparents always gave us gifts. With my children, the same thing happens, with walks, they come back with new toys. And if I choose toys, I try not to buy plastic toys, then with grandparents, these prohibitions don’t work. Only the conversation helped, after which they buy something for the children only after consulting with me.

    in reply to: What do you do for “me time”? #381531

    Hello! I feel you. Try to make a schedule for yourself, make sure to include care for yourself, time for books, serials, what you love. Work out, a five-minute tabata will help you to stay in shape without taking too long. Try meditation to learn how to live in the moment. Avoid stress.
    Even small joys like hor coffee in the morning will help make your day better.

    in reply to: Be the good single mother #384633

    Your words are very simple, but they are no less important. How many examples exist when children suffer because of the wrong behavior of their parents. I totally agree with you!

    in reply to: How often do you go out and have just adult time? #384384

    At least twice a week. My husband and I go to dinner outdoors twice a week, as well as once a week I have lunch with a friend. At weekends my husband sits with the child, in the evenings my grandmother, in the afternoon the nanny looks after him for a couple of hours. I think it’s OK for you to have your time.

    in reply to: I don't mind parenting advice…. #384383

    Everyone around you knows how to live better, it has always been like that. I accept all the advice, listen, nod, thanks. But I almost never use them. At first, I tried to talk about that if I want to know something, I will ask, but it didn’t help. Now I just don’t pay attention.

    in reply to: First time grandparents #383752

    This is very cool, congratulations! I remember my parents were so excited that they started buying everything they could get at hand. Of course, we stopped it, talked to them, but they were too excited. I think we will be the same. 

    in reply to: Things to do at home to save money #383750

    We try not to order food home, rarely go to the cafe (in addition, we have quarantine), children like to do home soap and other things.
    We don’t buy a lot of unnecessary things, for example, from children two pairs of shoes for each season, and if they want a new one, we sell the old one or give it to others. The same with clothes.
    We buy all the right food once a week, and that’s a great way to save money. We also try to use discounts and coupons.

    in reply to: Healthy snacks #383749

    I found so much useful for me, thank you for this question! I try to pick up products without any extra sugar. My sons love fruits, granola, and nuts. The older one is allergic to bananas and mandarins, so I have to be careful. 

    in reply to: Want to Meet New Friends?? #381940

    It’s great that in such difficult times we can keep in touch and make new friends. Even those who feel alone can find support. My family tries to stay home, children miss their friends and I miss my relatives. We try to always be in touch.

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