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    I have one that I keep in a spare room with several of my vintage doll collection sitting in it for display. I bought some sweet, frilly and floral vintage sheets and made them to fit, and added a little pillow. The dolls aren’t something my daughters play with, but collecting the dolls teaches them about collecting, etc and they get to go in the room and hold the dolls, show them off to their friends, etc.

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    Mine enjoy little excursions in the back yard or in the nearby woods by our home. I use the opportunity to teach them about things they see everyday, but normally don’t give much thought to like plants, bugs, birds, etc. Easy and cheap way to spend quality time. Plus, you can take a little pic nic along, as well.

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    A party snack mix is always lots of fun AND you and your children can theme them according to holidays, holiday colors, holiday flavors, etc. Great read!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)