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    depending on the age of your kids get them to help you.
    if you have a husband cut the duties in have in each room i.e. in the bathroom he does the toilet and tub and floor you do sink counter and towels.

    when you use something put it back
    do the dishes right away pick one day a week to do dusting laundry if you can

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    try ice/hot in the morning then go to bed with a heating pad at night. the heating pads now have automatic shut off

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    I am currently getting back to losing weight after spraining my foot, for me and my personality I picked a big number but small monthly goals to get to it. if you want more information just ask

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    I am living with my husbands parents and we have a child as well main thing is boundrys. I felt the same way I am never going to have a home but right now that is where you need to be for what ever reason finance or other reason make your room your own space and desenate nights for you and him and other nights for all of you together. I hope that helps

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    there are many ways to handle no biting depending on age the common one`s for all ages is talking to them, I.e. saying no thank you do it again or there will be consequences. i.e. I will bite you back

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    slim, playdouhg, scavenger hunts/ treasure hunts, tag, making forts , obstical course

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