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    Thank you for the support. They do but recently he had a removal of a body part due to diabetes.

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    The purchase of child care or working parents program and maybe cause something else in your county state city etc you can usually Google it and print out the application with all your proof of information. They will approve your application and send you a written letter of how much towards your daycare or camp or whatever else towards that and then the amount that you pay maybe less than you think so just some information or the future but you’re going to have to look to see you the daycare or camp or etc is willing to take your child on a Saturday

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    See if you can qualify for Working Parents assistance or Purchase of Childcare. In your area it’s programs through your state or your county that will assist you with the pay meant of daycare if you work or go to school hope your pride isn’t too up there to ask for this assistance. It’s your taxes that you’re asking back to help you and your child get help with paying for daycare while you work. It may be called something different in your area but look& see if it works for your family. The application is going to require that you give them proof of income identification etc because it is a county state program Plus working most of the time helps you feel a sense of freedom to make income and contribute to your household in a financial way but the choice is yours I’m just giving you a bit of information that has worked for a few of the ladies in my group

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    Biggest problem is the holidays my blood sugar can go as high as 320 which means my A1c count isn’t at 7 and under in which it should be. But then sometimes I have to take insulin in order to bring me back to a low number. My morning levels before insulin can be about 70 which according to my meter isn’t the best I have the 1 touch meter app on my phone to sync with my meter. I know walking taking my meds and improving the foods that I eat will reduce my A1C. Plus improve my general health and weight

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    Thanks so much for these flavorful cookies they really have out beat the store brand by a 100%. We have tried 2 of the recipes that other moms have posted. Thank you sooooo blooming much

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    I have an exercise bike and the total gym but the inspiration to lose weight really works better towards just walking and going back to swimming. Most plans say to stay away from anything white like sugar potatoes and rice. The only thing holding me back is the first steps of the burning of my core areas and the out of breath feeling. But this New Year’s Resolution is to loose weight reduce my A1C and increase my water greens intake, I am an open canvas and my goal is to keep going not give up on my self or beat myself up when I want a cheat moment

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    I started buying frozen fruits but they sometimes get mushy when you defrost them. I started buying the berries in the large containers at the grocery store because buying individual packages even the buy 1 get 1 free the end total is higher then just buying the big container with the berry mix and they can be put in the freezer for smoothies etc. You get a better deal by buying other fruits and cutting them up put in ziploc for future use. Try different fruits that you wouldn’t normally buy and do a little taste test only buy one or 2

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    I would suggest going to the Dollar store. You can get dishwashing liquid the same ones that are in the grocery store but theses at the Dollar store are only a dollar. Plus for the name brand if you have a coupon for it you may get it for free. Only depends on the coupon. Dollar Store has items that run from food to dishes and they take coupons. Bring your own bag is cool not sure if they charge for bags. Don’t forget your mask

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    Treat homeschooling like the kids are really at school. Same routine get up go handle bathroom time. Get dressed have breakfast. Some moms even got the breakfast & lunch trays of of Amazon ( The plastic colored ones with the different departments. Some make the breakfast the night before and warm up put on trays. Get the laptops ready to zoom class. Assist where it’s needed be patience with yourself the educational process and your student. When lunch time do like the school have things set up. Give tickets or lunch bag go outside and breathe with them or do something where your not ready to lose your mind

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    Who knew that this would be a big hit with a few of the kids and adults. Washing and cutting the asparagus brush with melted butter or margarine or vegan butter or cooking spray any flavor. Putting the asparagus in the air fryer making sure that the spray or butter & seasonings is evenly coated. Cook till the tops are crunchy but not burned. Or wrapping the asparagus with bacon. Not sure about the vegan bacon

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    We have been crushing different bite size cheeses,seeds and nuts. Instead of other snacks enjoying all the different varieties. Making it a priority and in reach over the other snack items

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    I just started most grocery stores and the Dollar General plus Dollar Tree takes manufactured coupons. If you get the newspaper or coupon apps to cut and print out your coupons. You can also email the companies of products you would like to try or ones you already know and they will sometimes mail you a few coupons You may have to wait up to 6-8 weeks for those. Most grocery stores have a online coupon printout of what is on sale for the week or month. Make sure you check the date and look through the ads to see what is being sold for lower price and some stores give you a double discount with store card and coupon for that product

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    Hoping to grow some this spring I heard and hope to enjoy not only the seeds but to roast the pod by fall. To enjoy the beautiful colors and to remember great times of family being to scared to grow these

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    I heard about growing marigolds to keep bugs away. But my first year growing was rough. Next after the frost I plan on purchasing marigolds and planting them around my plants. Using Neem oil to keep the bugs off and google YouTube videos are going be my saving grace to edible veggies herbs etc

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    Some of the moms feel uncomfortable with talking about bird & bees conversation. Start off early like as soon as a child can talk. Hey son daughter no one is suppose to touch your body you let me or whoever the child is told to tell. The parent or all family should bring it up here and there. Ask questions gentle you ok how’s it’s going you as the parent as the child gets older enforce that no one should touch your privates. Talk about Stranger Danger. As child gets older bring up the least graphic stuff like the names of the body parts Sing the head shoulders etc song use actually names. Some parents start talking more details when puberty is about to start. Be comfortable in your own skin before you share the news to a child. Seriously relax and relate

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